The Best Dating Sites of 2020

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The emergence of dating sites over the last two decades has been nothing short of timely and revolutionary. As is evidenced by the membership base, it has amassed through the years. You could even dare to say more than 50% of the world population has, at one point, made use of a dating site. That’s quite a large chunk of the global community, don’t you think?

Locating the best dating sites to suit your needs and tastes could be quite intimidating, particularly for any greenhorn in the virtual dating world, as most of these sites were designed with specificity and peculiarly for different individuals. Hence, the need for a highly comprehensive review to guide you through the process of choice-making. So, if you wish to tread cautiously in the dating world, then you are in luck, as this well-detailed review was done for your consumption. Keep reading.

When Did the Online Dating Experience Begin

When Did the Online Dating Experience Begin

Many individuals have the misconception that the inception of online dating coincided with the recent evolution and upgrade in technology in the last five years. But, to burst the bubble, it has been in existence for quite some time now, dating back to the mid-’90s.

In the year 1959, two Stanford undergraduates with the aid of an IBM 650 magnetic drum data-processing machine and a punch card questionnaire tried to match their classmates. The matches gotten were based on the result acquired from their algorithm for compatibility. This resulted in 49 matches, out of which none ended up yielding to a genuine relationship. This was the first attempt at matchmaking utilizing algorithms.

No sooner had six years elapsed than another attempt at an algorithm dating system was made. Just like earlier, two individuals were involved. But this time, they were Havard graduates who were hell-bent on creating a matchmaking system. This system revolved around the interests and disinterest of both sexes involved, as this was the yardstick for compatibility. It successfully paired over 1 million single individuals and was termed ”Operation Match.” This was the debut of a computer-driven dating system and also a laid out blueprint for future dating sites.

Many years down the line, the dating world finally recognized as an online dating site, as it was equipped with attributes that can be ascribed to one. Since its establishment in 1995, Match has proffered solutions to singles by giving them a platform to search for dates based on availability and also get matches recommendation from the site based on your given profile. This easily eliminates the stress of meeting numerous persons before finding one partner; that’s if you eventually find one. The odds are definitely in favor of an online dating site, less stress, greater results.

When Was Mobile Dating Application Launched?

It took an extended period before we witnessed the impressive boom of the mobile dating application. The addition of the mobile app can be pinned to technological advancement worldwide. With the introduction of iOS and Android devices globally, mobile app creation became a must-do for every dating site, with the intent of broadening its outreach to the world.

The rise of smartphones took communication to a whole level while adding extra value to the virtual dating world. The year 2012 saw a handful of mobile dating apps spring up successively within a few months. Mobile apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder and Hinge kicked off the movement, and ever since then, dating apps have grown in leaps and bounds. Over the years, Tinder has built for itself a reputation for consistency and efficacy, as can be proven by over 43 billion matches worldwide.

How We Sourced for The Best Dating Sites and Apps

It is worth noting this review isn’t pulled out of the hat in any way, as it involved thorough analysis and in-depth findings. Our team of professionals with expertise in dating and the related field as a whole ensured that we put in the effort to bring you this non-biased and precise information. Based on the research carried out and site members’ reviews obtained, you can rest assured you are in the right place at the right time.

Online Dating Site Categories

Online dating sites offer a variety of options to suit your specificity and taste. In recent times, these sites have evolved to the extent all you require can be obtained from one or more plethora of sites available to you. Isn’t that just amazing? Especially when seeking a date, you could just easily narrow your search based on certain specifications. Here, are the types of Online Dating Sites you would likely come across:

  • The Matchmaking Sites: These sites are created for those who have a clear picture of their dream partner and are in haste to get this part of their lives tidied up. Here, you are saved the stress of having to attend to or go through a countless number of match options irrelevant to your interests, once you give a well-detailed profile. Matchmaking sites stay true to their word by delivering on its promise to only provide you with matches that pique the interest you had previously stated in your profile.
  • The Preference Dating Site: Here, you are required to give key details about yourself, like your religion, location, and any other details that can serve as reference pointers. This site function is only to meet a particular specification of preference. So, if you already have a narrowed downscale of preference, then this site is your go-to site.
  • The Personals Site: It can easily be termed a ”do it all by yourself” site. As the site wields its users with the power to call the shots when it comes to handpicking their partner, with no assistance whatsoever from the site. In this scenario, you do all the searching and matching yourself while the site just provides you with a platform to search for your best Match using various criteria. In contrast to the matchmaking sites, profiles displayed here carry lesser information about the parties involved.

Most Prominent Dating Sites

In recent years, the popularity of dating sites has soared higher than the expectations of many. This just lays more emphasis on the essence of their services to the general populace. That said, while some dating sites have become world-renowned thanks to their powerful outreach, others have found popularity hard to come by that it now seems a daunting task.

In the last few years, sites like Guardian Soulmates, Xmatch, eHarmony, Match, Ashley Madison, Elite Singles, and most especially the AdultFriendFinder have broken through the barrier to fame. The Adultfriendfinder rise to prominence began in 1996, and since then, it has been on the ascension leaving other sites in the dust. The site presently boasts of a membership base of over 100 million users, all searching for sexual partners.

Hookups Specific Site

Hookups Specific Site

It is true; not everyone is on the lookout for that special someone to love, some just need an individual to go high-spirited with, in a moment. So, why go through the lengthy process of building a relationship on a matchmaking site when a plethora of hookup sites are just a click away. Though some sites are hookup specific, a few others, offer both matchmaking and hookup options.

If you are a flirt intending individual looking for a one-night stand, threesome, and a variety of sexual escapades with no conditions or constraints, then the Hookup site was designed specifically for you. Below are sites that have made a name for themselves by offering hookup options:

  • BeNaughty: Just as the name implies, BeNaughty provides you with a platform to trigger your naughty nature and go all out freaky. This site is world-renowned for its simple, swift, enjoyable, and highly protective hookup system. Without mincing words, it is easily the pick of the bunch when it comes to hookup sites.

    The site takes pride in its ability to link up numerous sexy men and women globally, hence building powerful networking of individuals of similar ilk. If you are ready to skip small talks and go straight into sexual activity, get your game on with BeNaughty.

  • AdultFriendFinder: This is one of those rare sites with dual options for matchmaking and hookup. While most may claim the site’s ”jack of all trades” approach would make them masters of none, the contrary is the case. As the site acquired mastery of both fields over the past few years, this makes them tough competition on both fronts.

    AdultFriendFinder offers more than 96 million profiles for your viewing pleasure. This implies you are spoiled for choice on this site. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this platform allows room for you to create a profile declaring your readiness for a one-night stand and what have you.

  • Ashley Maddison: This site has been designated as the destination for married couples or those in relationships seeking sexual pleasure outside wedlock or from persons other than their supposed lover. It allows the users of its platform to explore wild sexual options and try new things.

Dating Sites for Christians

Dating platforms that viewed Christians as humans capable of exercising emotions, while putting their faith into consideration thought it wise to create a special platform for them. Therefore, ushering in Christian dating sites into existence. Sites that offer dating services for Christians include:

  • Christian Mingle: Even at a glance, this site’s specificity becomes obvious as it offers Christians a platform to mingle. The site is specifically created for singles who yearn to date or marry on the foundation of their faith as it created a niche for a godly oriented relationship in the long haul.

    Since its establishment in 2001, Christian mingle has amassed a total of 3 million members and is presently ranked as the best dating site for Christians worldwide. And, has achieved a tremendous amount of success over the years to prove its high ranking is no fluke.

  • Match: As the first recognized dating site worldwide, Match has built a reputation for being trustworthy and spot-on in delivering as promised. The site aims to reach out to a larger audience by proffering a much-needed solution. Hence, the introduction of a section on the site for the Christian community which differs in a few ways to the setting of the normal site.

    The site attempts to put smiles on the faces of Christian men and women who have their trust and belief as a top priority in their choice of partner as it offers a variety of options revolving around your faith and compatibility.

  • Zoosk: This is another dating site that also carved out room for Christians to date without breaching their tenets of faith. This site provides an admirable system that enhances building relationships between Christian singles. Zoosk is also regarded as the best free dating site, as it offers its users full access without charges while offering top security and other exciting features.

Elite Dating Site

This is quite straightforward. EliteSingles stands out with sheer class as one of the considerably distinct elite sites on the global map right now. The site prides itself on having a premium membership plan.  EliteSingles can easily be termed as a site for well-learned professionals as it boasts the membership of top-ranked officials and scholars who possess great financial muscles.

Over 90% of the members here are prepared to experience the feel of a relationship and possibly settle down for life. Thus, making EliteSingles is the best dating site for professionals on the lookout for a potential match on par with their intellectual capacity. You can sign up to EliteSingles free, but to enjoy its full benefit, you have to go premium.

The Homosexual Dating Site

Not until recently, dating sites were only developed for straight individuals. But, fast-forward to 2020, and we have a plethora of dating site options for the lesbian and gay community. As sites like Her, Hinge, Tinder, Elite singles, OkCupid and Grindr added features that encouraged the engagement of lesbians and gays on their platform. Her has been termed the best dating site for lesbians, while Grindr has been tagged the go-to website for gays.

Dating Sites Available for Free

Once you sign up for a dating site, you gain access to its free features and functions As observed in the best free online dating sites like OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and Zoosk. Though, it has to be said that best free dating sites are susceptible to intrusion by Spammers and fake profiles.

Free Dating Apps vs. Best Dating Apps

For newbies in the dating world, it is worth noting based on monetary value, dating apps can be classified into Free and Paid dating apps.

  1. Free Dating Apps: This app offers a platform for all and sundry access to the online dating experience without paying a dime. The features and functions here, though, are slightly limited but allow room for unlimited chatting, with the downside being the presence of scammers and creepers due to the easy access allowed. Examples of Free Dating Apps include OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk. With the latter standing out as the most secure.
  2. Paid Dating Apps: The premium members on this app are allowed unlimited access to all features and functions after making payment for it. If you are serious about finding a life partner, then using a paid dating app will do you a lot of good. An example of a paid dating app is the eHarmony dating app. Security here is of the highest standard.

With the two options lucidly explained, the ball is now in your court. You can use to enjoy the use of the free app with lesser security assurance or press for more using the paid app. The choice is all yours.

How Much Do the Top-Notch Dating Sites Cost

It is a well-known fact that to obtain top-notch quality service, and you need to pay quality money. Subscription to the best dating sites like Match and eHarmony requires a hefty sum. While Match charges $42 per month, eHarmony demands from its members a $60 monthly payment. This is quite expensive for the average American but promises a worthwhile experience in the offing.

Which Dating Sites Are Genuin

Which Dating Sites Are Genuine?

A large percentage of dating sites worldwide can be classified as genuine, but most standout due to the effectiveness and consistency in delivering legit dating profiles. About this, eHarmony is heads and shoulders above the rest. eHarmony provides its members with a reliable and bubbly platform with no room for any form of scam.

Since its inception in 2000, eHarmony has made meeting the emotional needs of its member its sole responsibility. With its focus centered on providing its members with a long-lasting relationship. And, has built a remarkable reputation for igniting a new love story every 14 minutes. And for this reason, it has been recommended as one of the best online dating sites.

How to Ensure Safety When Online Dating

The safety of users on any dating platform is essential to every dating service provider. While it might seem like an uphill task, these sites have done admirably well in ensuring every information shared by members is not prone to infringement. With that said, once any member decides to take the relationship offline by meeting a fellow member in person, they assume full responsibilities for their actions. Ensure your meeting time and place points in the direction of your safety.

Be Careful with Your Personal Details

It is of the essence that you keep yourself safe on any of the dating sites you become affiliated with. And, one of the best ways to go about your safety is personal information sharing. Be extremely stern with your personal information. Stay clear of individuals who persist you divulge a lot of private details at first contact. Do not give out your financial or intimate information. Stand your ground and report those you feel suspicious of. Your safety should always be your top priority.

Make Plans to Meet in A Public Area

Never get overwhelmed by your first meeting: don’t agree to fix the location at the person’s place of residence, or, worst, invite them to yours. Even if you are told the residence has the best view of the city, resist the enticement, and stay put. Fix your meeting in a public place, not necessarily a location where you become the cynosure of all eyes, but somewhere busy enough to ensure your security.

Inform A Friend

Never make the mistake of meeting a newly bonded online acquaintance without telling a close friend or household member. It is highly recommended a trusted individual has prior knowledge of your whereabouts and timing for safety reasons. This makes it easier to check on you. Once the estimated time elapses, a call can be put through to affirm you are safe.

Know The Right Time to Leave: Take The Step

Hey, I hope you remember your interests are of utmost priority even though you have your date’s best interest at heart too. Hence, once you feel uneasy or even the slightest bit of discomfort by their actions or words, take a decisive step away. In other words, simply walk away. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in two minds. Make the decision and stick to it. After making the decision, do not feel remorseful. You made the right decision.

Be Responsible for Your Transportation

Once you decide to go on a date with someone you meet online, make it clear to the individual you will take full responsibility for your transportation. Even when the proposition of a lift is brought up, turn it down in the most polite way possible. This lays down a marker of independence and leaves you in full control as you weigh your options.

How to Attain Success On Your First Date

What are the signs my first date was a success? Did I hit it off with my first date? Only you can provide answers to these questions. But, here is a hint. And, it boils down to just the word ”Chemistry.” However, there are few tips if strictly adhered to can yield success on your first date.

Do Not Become a Social Media Stalker

The excitement of meeting someone whom you have built a bond with via any of the dating sites could make you do things you normally wouldn’t do like social media stalking. Try to curb any attempt of stalking. As research has proven that stalking could lead to false judgments and misconceptions even before you meet the individual in person. Go for your date, expecting to know your date’s true personality.

Be Comfortable

A saying goes thus, ”your dressing reflects your personality.” Preparing for your first date could make you go over the top with your dressing just to make sure you impress. More often than not, you end up pushing yourself to the boundaries of discomfort. Dressing naturally presents you in your true state and guarantees you comfort, rather than the false impression dressing unnaturally would give your date. Hence, you must stay true to yourself.

Boost Your Confidence Level

Of a truth, who doesn’t have chills running down their spines when trying to picture the possible occurrences on your first date. And you don’t want to go on your first date appearing jittery. Hence, the need to boost your confidence.

The first step to building your confidence is accepting this jitters you are experiencing are part of the natural human experience. Once you have done this, create a mental picture of an amazing date. Imagine the conversation going smoothly and hold on tightly to the positive memories. After the mental picture creation, you should be confident enough to look in your mirror and tell yourself you can do it as affirmation goes a long way in setting the tone for a great date.

Ensure You Laugh

An aged sage once said, ”laughter is the best medicine.” These are true words of wisdom with scientific backing, as research carried out over the years have proven this to be true. Laughter holds the trigger to the release of Endorphin, a natural body welfare improving chemical. It also reduces stress and anxiety. Moreover, it isn’t any expensive item on the market. It is free. All you need to do is use it. In a dating scenario, laughter is your most powerful tool during an interaction. Feel free to crack jokes. Remember, the greater the laugh, the greater the bond.

Show Interest Via Your Body Language

Body language plays a huge role in enhancing or deterring conversational flow. Arms and legs folding, excessive eye movements, finger-snapping, and a few other distracting body movements show disinterest. This isn’t a nice impression to give your date, who is trying to start a conversation. Rather, keep still and maintain eye contact if possible. Allow your body to convey your interest in the conversation to your date.

Be Attentive

It can be easily said that everyone loves having someone grant them audience when they speak. Hence, when on a date, it is highly recommended that your focus stays fixed on your partner. Don’t make it seem like you are being bored to death. Give your date listening ears.

Be Inquisitive

After listening to what your date has to say, the table turns, and now you get to ask questions. From all they could possibly have said, you may need further clarification. So feel free to ask. You can also ask other questions you feel would help you in choice-making, without being rude. Questions about dreams, ambitions, interests could surface. This is your platform, so use it to the fullest.

Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic

Optimism should always supersede pessimism every time you picture going out on your date. And, on the fixed day for your date, before stepping out, ensure you wear a beautiful smile. As a lyricist wrote, ”you are never fully dressed until you smile.” Try smiling. It channels positivism and reinvigorates you mentally.

Divide The Payment

Conventionally, dating etiquette demands the male counterpart foots the whole bill on the first date. But, as a lady, you should attempt to ease the burden on your date by requesting to split the bill. And, in most scenarios, the guy will decline this offer. If he declines, try not to argue but rather propose to contribute to the next date payment, if there’s another.

Follow Through

Be transparent when relating to your date. If you feel you had a nice time and the date was worthwhile, say it. You could also put a call through later to suggest another meeting. If the suggestion is accepted, compare dates and pick a suitable one. And, until the next meeting, try to keep in touch occasionally.

Presence of Spams and Bots

The presence of spams is probably the only shortcomings all dating websites possess. Many users over the years have complained about unsolicited ads. However, most sites introduced the paid premium plan for members who were willing to pay their way out of spam. Once you subscribe to this plan, the disturbance by spam is eliminated. Also, Bots are fitted into the dating system to aid members in the execution of repetitive tasks. Although, some bots are also used in sending Spams and are referred to as Spams bot.

What The Professionals Say About Dating Sites

The evolution of technology has indeed rubbed off on the world at large. And, similarly, dating sites have brought a whole new transformation to relationships worldwide. Without any struggle, it is obvious dating sites have come to stay.

That said, experts have concluded and deemed eHarmony and Match the two best dating sites for personality matching and long term relationships, with eHarmony edging this one out because of its additional features and functions. Coffee Meets Bagel, was also touted as one of the dating sites to watch out for due to its burgeoning reputation in the last two years.