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Apex is an online dating service provider that has been in the field for several years and has been helping many of its users find the perfect matches for them via the comfort of the internet. It is useful for those in search of friends with benefits that can later turn into a good friendship or even a long term...

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Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is the popular dating site to date and to find your perfect partner. Nowadays, there are plenty of dating websites scattered on social media. But among those all available online dating platforms, the Chat Avenue dating platform serves as the popular one. Read this Chat Avenue Review to know more interesting information about this website. The site is...

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AdultFriendfinder will help you find the person who is ready to satisfy any of your sexual fantasies. There is no limit or restriction on what you need. This website will find you the person who isn't into anything serious relationship. You can use this website and its services. As an introvert, it can be difficult to express your sexual fantasies...

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Tinder is considered the new hook up spot in social media now, but does this online dating platform have more potential than being just a gateway to easy and quick fun, or is that its entire charm? The site was designed for the young generation to find partners for casual dating and hookups. Members with actual connections can swipe each...

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Zoosk is one of the premier online dating platforms. It has been rated as one of the best and most efficient dating web sites of 2020. It was founded in December 2007 in Fremont, California, the USA, by Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh. It emerged from its parent organization, Spark Networks. Zoosk customizes the dating experience, tailoring it to their...

Not even the pandemic could stop the online dating world from getting more users. While the traditional dating method became a taboo when Covid-19 hit, dating sites and apps became the succor of many. The truth is, dating sites make dating less overbearing because It isn’t just about making a match; it’s about getting matched with your spec.

Online dating is fun, and it would be a bummer if some weird fake profiles thwart your experience. The truth is, some sites are flooded with fake profiles. To avoid getting catfished, it’s essential to know the best online dating sites. Quite frankly, the sheer number of dating sites could be overwhelming. One big challenge is figuring out which site is legit and which is fake.

So, if you are new to online dating, you don’t need extensive research on the best dating sites; we’ve got you covered. Our review is the ultimate solution you need.

In no time, we’ll help you jumpstart your online dating game. Let’s get right into it!

When was online dating introduced?

When was online dating introduced?

Surprisingly, online dating goes way back to the nineties; precisely 1959. But as expected, it was different from what we have today.

The history of online dating is incomplete without making a mention of Jim Harvey and Phil Fialer. These Stanford students matched their classmates, using an IBM 650 mainframe computer and a card questionnaire. This same matching method was used to make the first computerized dating website in 1994.

When was the first mobile app launched?

Despite the early emergence of online dating, the first mobile dating app didn’t debut until 2003. After the invention of smartphones, ProxiDating, Webdate, and Lavalife launched their mobile services in 2003. In 2012, dating apps became all the rage after Tinder, and some other dating sites entered the scene of online dating by launching a mobile dating app.

How we found the best dating sites and dating apps

Our team spent ample time painstakingly browsing through reviews to pick out the all-time best. Regardless of your sexual orientation, these apps will give you precisely what you want. All the dating sites/apps on our list are reliable because they are tested and true.

The best dating site for serious relationships

If you are hoping to get hitched then a site like eHarmony should be the first on your radar. This site is popularly known to host marriage-oriented people.” A site like also has a reputation for landing people in long term relationships. Silversingles is a unique site dedicated to finding happily ever after- for people aged 50 and above.

Various types of online dating websites

The Cost of the best dating sites?

In the online dating world, there are various kinds of dating sites and dating apps. The primary determinant of the type you will go for is the kind of relationship or match that you are hoping to find. The main niches of dating sites are Free dating sites, Gay or Lesbian sites, Elites, Hookup, and Christian.

It doesn’t matter if you want a long-term relationship or a hookup; there is always a dating site to cater to your needs. For instance, if you want only professionals, a site like EliteSingles is perfect for you.

Popularity is often a judge of quality; sometimes, this is true, while other times, it turns out to be a fallacy. For dating sites and dating apps, popularity is often a symbol of reliability. Topping our list is Tinder, with a large member base of over 300 million users.

Adult finder is also a popular hookup dating site with a member base of 100 million singles from all walks of life. There is hardly anyone that hasn’t heard of Bumble, which has about 60 million users. And finally, this list is incomplete without OkCupid and, popularly known for their unique and proven algorithms.

Hookup sites

Sometimes, the idea of a serious relationship could be daunting. These days, the hookup culture is the mainstream of dating. There are several dating websites made specifically for hookups, but there are few trusted ones.

BeNaughty is one of the top hookup sites that offer free messages and some other unique features to help you find a hookup partner in no time. Adultfinder is another hookup site with extensive search filters, which enables you to land the perfect match.

You can also trust the Down dating app to help you connect and meet singles that are up for banging.

Christian dating sites

Sites like this cater to singles that are interested in Godly and Serious relationships. If you want a marriage-bound relationship, then you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere.

The most popular and the best Christian dating site is Christian Mingle. Since its kickoff in 2001, it has fostered nothing less than 30% of Christian marriages.

Other sites similar to Christian mingle are: Christians meet people, Love and Seek, Big church, and of course, eHarmony.

Elite dating sites

There is something about elites that screams class! No one can blame you for desiring such. Classy is the new sexy right?

Topping our list of dating sites for elites is EliteSingles sites. This site hooks you up with other professionals of your caliber, so if you are a Doctor, an Engineer, a lawyer, or a member of any corporate profession, you are home. Alternative sites on this list are: Coffee meets Bagel, Zoosk, and Luxy.

Gay and Lesbian dating sites

It’s slightly challenging to find dating sites for gay and lesbians, but it’s not outrightly impossible. So, if you are a member of the queer community, there are gay and lesbian sites you can opt for.

Based on our research, the best online dating site in this category is Plenty of fish. The name suggests a form of sexual diversities so get ready to experience loads of fun the unusual way. Another perfect site for lesbians and gays is OkCupid; this site is one of the most liberal online dating platforms. You will feel at home on this site, provided you answer all the questions required to find you a perfect match.

There are other sites like My transsexual date, Grindr, and Bicupid.

Free dating sites

Registration on all dating sites is free. However, some sites are practically useless without a subscription. In a bid to ensure users subscribe, some sites offer close to nothing for free. Imagine having to pay to send messages? So, what exactly is free on such a dating site?

The best free dating sites offer value even without a subscription, meaning you can get things done even without paying.

One of the best free online dating sites to look out for is OkCupid, which allows you to send free messages and connect with people without a subscription. Other free sites in this category are Zoosk and Plenty of Fishes.

Dating Apps: Free vs. Best Apps

When choosing the app to use, you can either go for a free app or the best. It is only reasonable to go for one that tends to your needs accordingly.

Free dating apps are perfect for people who are not willing to pay for online dating services. Dating sites like Tinder, OkCupid, and Plenty fishes are some of the few online dating sites that work perfectly without a subscription.

An app can be free and still qualify as one of the best, although premium accounts tend to be more trustworthy. If you compare these two, you’ll realize only a few free apps are reliable.


According to our findings, eHarmony has left a trail of successful relationships and marriages in its wake. After the app was founded, it rapidly became one of the best online apps for single dating. There are also other apps like, OkCupid, eHarmony that have recorded blazing success rates in the past couple of years.

The Cost of the best dating sites?

Generally, dating sites offer both free and premium membership. While registration and some other features are accessible at no cost, you have to subscribe to access other advanced features. Sometimes, a subscription affords you unlimited access to perks that will increase your chances of getting the right match.

Subscription prices for the best dating sites are low-priced. is one of the best dating sites in the United States, and it costs $42 per month and a total of $144.00 in six months. eHarmony is another popular site that costs $60 monthly and a total of $240 in six months. On average, the cost of the best dating sites falls between these two prices.

Legit dating sites

The truth is, no one wants to meddle with anything that isn’t legit. One terrible experience is enough to make you steer clear of online dating and miss out on the fun part as well. It’s so difficult to get rid of awful memories like a scam or an avoidable heartbreak. We understand this is a significant concern.

Frankly, if you pick one of the best dating sites as listed in this review, you won’t have to worry about it being legit or not. Our review will get you started on the right path. Some reliable sites are ElitesSingle, OkCupid,, Plenty fishes, Tinder, eHarmony, etc.

Put your Safety first while online dating

The utmost priority of any reliable dating site is users’ safety. Nevertheless, online daters are also expected to be extremely cautious and put their safeties first while dating online. No dating site is 100% safe because you can’t fish out all the miscreants on the site. Also, it’s clearly stated in the privacy policy and terms of use of most dating sites that a user’s safety isn’t 100% guaranteed.

The baseline is, you have a major role to play in ensuring your safety. There are trusted tips that can help you. According to Verity Hogan of eHarmony, these 5 foolproof safety tips will help you ensure your safety:

Don’t reveal sensitive information about yourself

All dating sites demand personal information during signups. Most times, you also need to set up a bio to aid the algorithm of the dating app or dating site. This is mainly to help you land the most suitable match on the site. While setting up your bio, put your safety into consideration.

Immediately a user starts demanding personal information like your security number after making a connection; you need to detach yourself carefully. Even online dating sites advise against divulging important information to a stranger. Please report any suspicious user and play it safe during online dating because you never can tell who’s who.

Don’t meet in secluded places

While it can be tempting to meet your online date for the first time in a secluded area, it’s not a smart move. It’s impossible to judge a person’s personality through online dating chats and calls. Set up the first meeting in a public place like a restaurant, a bar, or even a board game café.

It’s essential to get to know your partner before you get all cozy. Your safety supersedes any sort of pleasure.

Notify a third party

Doing this isn’t paranoia; it’s for your safety. Not to get you scared, but telling someone your whereabouts might be a saving grace. Tell your friends or relatives the details of your date, the time, date, and whoever you’re meeting.

It’s not a bad idea to ask someone to call you at intervals, just to make sure you are safe. You can’t be too careful!

Leave if you must

During online dating, don’t ever forget it’s your first meeting. If you feel uncomfortable during your outing, leave! You don’t have to endure a shitty experience for hours just because you are trying to be nice.

For safety purposes, you have to be conscious of the fact that you don’t know this person personally (a few phone calls and texts do not count!). Once you start feeling uncomfortable, leave. Your instincts are your best guide sometimes; follow your instincts. A feeling of dread can be a subtle warning.

Transport yourself to and fro

When you decide to meet your online date, find your way to the venue, and plan to come back on your own. Simply put, don’t rely on your partner to take you home. You can either drive yourself down or take an uber and plan to do the same after the date.

The truth is, there is no telling how a first date will go. Your partner shouldn’t determine how long you will stay. If the date becomes uncomfortable at any point, you can decide to walk away. It’s not safe to be at the mercy of the other party. If he offers to drive you, you can decline courteously.

Having the best first date

Having the best first date

It’s possible to have a glitch-free first date. Although it largely depends on the chemistry between you and your online partner. It might be challenging to have an interesting date with a boring partner, don’t forget that “it takes two to tango.”

Verity Hogan has given ten tested and proven “cheats” that can help online daters in their quest for a great first date:

Refrain from social media stalking

It’s tempting to look up your date on social media; while it’s advantageous sometimes, it can be bad for online dating.

Social media can taint the impression you have of the person and ultimately misrepresent the individual’s personality. So, avoid stalking and be open-minded for your first meeting.

Your comfort is important

Why try to impress your date while you suffer discomfort? It’s wrong to give a horrible first impression, but it’s unforgivable to become someone you are not. Be properly dressed, and just be you! Most times, this works better than acting out a movie script.

Shouldn’t you make an effort? You should! Look elegant, but it’s important to be yourself and be comfortable.

Exercise your confidence before your date

It’s not offbeat to be a little nervous on a first date; it’s an entirely different ball game from the online messages and calls, but nervousness does no good.

Exercising your confidence before meeting your partner will help you take the edge off. Picture a perfect date, play out the scenes in your head. Practice with your mirror, talk to it like it’s your date- probably sounds a little crazy, but it works like magic.

It’s okay to laugh!

It won’t hurt to have a good laugh. Laughing will help ease the tension and feel more relaxed. Create laughter-filled moments, share a joke-please don’t share a dry joke. Start an exciting conversation and watch your date go perfectly.

The truth is it helps you stay on top of your online dating game. First dates could be fun, depending on how you handle it.

Your body language matters

On a first date, everything matters. How you position your hands, the angle, your dispositions, everything sends a message. You know what they say about actions being louder than words.

Maintain open body language throughout your date. A closed bodily posture does a lot of damage. Crossed arms, for example, shows hostility or stubbornness. If anything at all, show interest and undivided attention.

Pay attention

Imagine talking to someone that keeps asking you to repeat what you have said in the past over and over again just because they were texting? Now that’s a real bummer! Give your date undivided attention. Avoid looking all over the place and maintain eye contact throughout your date. Be responsive and active during your conversation; it sends a positive signal.

Ask questions

Ask questions but don’t make your partner feel like a criminal in an interrogation room. Asking questions sends the message that you are interested, and it helps you know your date better.

Ask about your partner’s passion, what makes them tick, and their motivations. Ask fun questions about random things. You can talk about music or sports; you could even talk about your favorite tv shows- just keep the conversation interesting and fun!

Stay positive

Being positive is the first step to a successful date. Put a smile on your face; it goes a long way. Your attitude can change everything about your outing. Ease your tension and go with the flow. Make your date feel special, and don’t be too hard on yourself; just have fun.

Split the bill

Back in the days, the guy automatically settles the bill after a date, but now- there is a thing called splitting the bill. You can choose to take the bill if your date doesn’t mind. Avoid arguing over who should settle the bills. If he/she offers to pay, there is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting the goodwill.

Give feedbacks

Giving feedback after your meeting is essential, especially after a first date. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling your date how much you enjoyed the time out. Reach out as soon as you can with honest feedback, don’t hesitate to suggest another meeting if the last one was worth it. The follow up is also an essential part of your date.

Spam & Bots

Spam & Bots

In all honesty, spambots are almost unavoidable during online dating. Some websites make fake attractive profiles that claim to be available for only paid users, solely to get more people to subscribe.

It’s important to be cautious of bots made to lure people into paying. Sometimes if it appears too good to be true, then it probably is.

What the experts say about online dating sites

According to experts, 30% of adults in the united states claim they signed up on a dating site or app. Based on research conducted in 2019, many online daters asserted that dating sites had played an important role in finding love. The outstanding matchmaking methods used by these sites are responsible for some lasting marriages between seemingly perfect matches. After all, Gail Barsky was right when he stated that “online dating is efficient. We’re a fast-food society, and now you have a pool of eligible people to choose from.”