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AdultFriendfinder Review 2022: Membership, Costs, and Features

AdultFriendfinder Review 2022: Membership, Costs, and Features
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Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 930 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Search filter - For someones who has used many hook up sites, know the importance of the search bar and its filters. This website is not like other websites and offers many settings for searching for a person. From breast size to the type of swinging people are interesting, the website's search filters don't fall short. The filters are the perfect solution and option in finding you the right person. AdultFriendfinder has good filters that can be used by the users to find about any person who can satisfy their inner sexual desire. It would help if you weren't shy about using this feature on this website.
  • Community - The website has many blogs, groups, and contests. The members part of this community are very active. You can give advice and answer questions on the blog present on this website. If you want to write about articles related to a particular topic, you can write and post it on this website. You don't have to feel shy or scared about posting answers or blogs on this website. Every person has an inner sexual desire, and they want to talk about it. Every person on this website will be using AdultFriendfinder to find someone who caters to their sexual desires.
  • Adult chat rooms - You can find just about any chat room related to your sexual desire. People can talk about what they and what they don't like in these chat rooms. These chat rooms can be created by anyone and even by you if you don't find the chat room you were looking for.
  • Membership - To be completely honest, there isn't much you can do if you are a free user. Unless you opt for one of the membership plans that this website offers, you cannot do whatever you like on this website. Premium memberships help you unlock almost any feature on this website that you couldn't unlock as a free user.
  • User Interface - The website will probably not look appealing to you at first glance, but you will get used to it as you use it. AdultFriendfinder website will look and feel a bit outdated when compared to other websites.
  • Matches - So, unlike other dating and hook up websites where you will be provided with daily matches, this website doesn't match you with people based on your preference. But you can find the people you are looking for with its advanced search filters. Hence you have to work a bit for searching the right person for you.

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AdultFriendfinder will help you find the person who is ready to satisfy any of your sexual fantasies. There is no limit or restriction on what you need. This website will find you the person who isn’t into anything serious relationship. You can use this website and its services. As an introvert, it can be difficult to express your sexual fantasies to any person, but you needn’t worry about it on this website. You can state whatever sexual fantasies you have, and no one will ever judge you.

AdultFriendfinder is for the people who aren’t sexually satisfied in their life. The website has a large number of various features. The website packs with live video sessions, adult videos, and adult chat rooms. The whole website was created for adults to find the right person who can sexually satisfy them. If you want to spice up your sex life, then this is the right place for you. It’s as easy as it can get.

This website has a good engaging community. This website takes dating one step further and caters to a person’s sexual need using this platform. Many AdultFriendfinder reviews claim this website as one of the best adults hook up websites on the internet. The website perfectly mixes sexual needs and technology. This website is the modern way of finding a sexual partner to satisfy your needs.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

AdultFriendfinder website might look outdated, but it is convenient in use. The website offers many sections to its users for easy navigation. The website doesn’t have any hidden pages; every section used by the user is present on the homepage itself. So, it wouldn’t be much trouble in finding the particular section that you are looking for.

When you land on the website’s homepage, you can see how informative and vast it is. On top of the website, you can see the following sections:

  • Messages – If you press on this section, you can see all the messages exchanged between you and the other users. This is a mandatory feature in many transsexual dating sites. This will give you easy insight into your conversation history.
  • Notification – A bell icon represents the notification section. Here you can see all the alerts and notification that the website sends you. You can change what notifications you get by going into the settings. People often forget many things while surfing on this website due to the many sections present in it. This feature will bring all the important things to one place under your notifications section.
  • Search – This is probably the most important section of this website since it doesn’t automatically give you matches. When you press this section, you can search for a person based on your preference. You can search for almost any preference that you want.
  • Community – When you press this section, it will take you to all the communities that you are involved in. These communities can be based on your sexual preferences.
  • Movies – This section is for those people who aren’t interested in physical hookups and only want to enjoy adult videos.

These are the main sections present on the top of the website. Every section has its purpose, which can be used by the user to find a sexual partner on AdultFriendfinder who can satisfy their needs. Now on the website’s left-hand side, you will see your profile, and beside it, your information will be visible. This information can be changed and updated by you as you like. You can even upload your picture. This information will be displayed to other users who are trying to find a hookup partner. Below your profile, you will see the following sections:

  • Messages – You have this section on top of the website, too, but here it will be easier to access since it will show you in number how many people have messaged you or how many unread massages you have.
  • Friends – The name itself is self-explanatory.
  • Flirted with me – Now, this section sees how many people have flirted with you on the AdultFriendfinder website. People flirt you when they like your profile. If they flirt with you, they will appear under this section.
  • Viewed me – Under this section, you will see all the people who have viewed your profile, and in the same way, if you view a particular user’s profile, you can be seen under their ‘viewed me’ section.
  • Hotlisted me – This option can be used by users to save a particular profile for later viewing. All those people who have hotlisted you can be seen under this section.

These sections, as mentioned above, will be available to any user on this website. Right below these sections, there’s another separate section. The section has the following options:

Profiles viewed
  • Profiles viewed – Here, you can see all the profiles you have viewed since you have joined AdultFriendfinder.
  • In hotlist – Whichever user you hotlist can be viewed under this section for later viewing.
  • Flirts sent – Whichever number of flirts you have sent can be seen in this section.

These are the main options available on the homepage of this website and can be used by the users based on their membership plans. Now in the center of the homepage, you will see the following sections:

  • Who’s online – You can see all the users currently using this website based on your preference.
  • Members near me – This is a location-based feature. If you enter your location, AdultFriendfinder will show you all the people present in your location.

There are sections like VIP and new matches. These sections are useful to the users too. The sections mentioned above and options are the main things present on the homepage and can be used by any member of his website to find a sexual partner/couple.

The registration process will hardly take you a couple of minutes, which everyone has. The following is the registration process of this website:

  • Your gender – The website will first ask you your gender. You can choose from Man, woman, and transgender. If you are a couple, you can choose if you are both a man/woman or one man and a woman.
  • Username – This username will be visible to any person that views your profile. The username must have 4-16 characters and must not contain any space or special characters like _,.,! Etc.
  • Email – Now, you must enter your email id. If you do not enter valid email id, then your registration process will be scrapped.

This is the basic registration process to use AdultFriendfinder and its services. Still, you have to fill out your personal information like sexual preference, age, height, etc. to get better searches. You can even give your location to get better searches while searching for partners.

The process of finding users is pretty simple. Considering the website doesn’t auto-match feature, it offers its advanced search engine that has filters. You can use these filters to find the person you are looking for. The advanced search filter helps you find members based on their race, sex, body type, height, etc. Users can use this search bar by filtering their needs.

There’s also a special search feature called Kink search on AdultFriendfinder, which helps you find people who are into different kinks, fetishes, etc. This search feature can be very useful for users who are not into traditional sex methods and want something different in their sex life. Some reviews immediately call this website a scam, but if you are patient and intelligently use their services, you can find the person you are looking for. Using this filter, you can find sexual partners without worrying about matching with people.

It is easy to interact with people too on AdultFriendfinder. When you search for members using the search bar and the results show up, you can see that there are four icons present under each profile. The following are the icons present under each profile:

  • Messaging – This is represented by a mail. If you press this icon, you can chat or start a conversation with the person you like. It’s that easy.
  • Flirt – A winking face represents this, and if you press this icon, then an automatic alert will be sent to the profile that you have flirted with them.
  • Hotlist – A fire icon represents this. You can hotlist people by pressing this.
  • Add friend – If you press this icon, you can add them as a friend.

To message the profile, you like all you have to press the message icon under their profile. There will even be an icebreaker message provided by the website of you do not know how to start a conversation.

Using the website on a browser should be much more comfortable on a laptop or a computer considering the number of sections the website has. On a mobile browser, it might look congested. The website is available as a mobile application, too, to use it on your mobile. AdultFriendfinder reviews will give you an insight of the site.

Similar Websites

There are quite a few websites that can be used as an alternative to AdultFriendfinder. The following are alternative websites:

  • IHookup – This website is for people of any sexual orientation who are looking for a sexual partner. The profiles of this website have a brief description of the person, and being will be easy for other users to understand them at a glance. This website, too, doesn’t provide matches to its users and has many ads. You can video chat with people in high definition too.
  • Xmatch.com – This website is certainly one of the most popular websites that offer services in finding people who are into different kinds of sexual activities. This website is backed by the same company that runs AdultFriendfinder to trust this website. This platform can be used by people to find people who are into various kinds of sex. Users can post erotic and sexy pics and videos on this website as well as record live sessions.
  • Fetlife – If you are into different kinds of fetishes, this is the right place for you. Here you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything or be ashamed about your fetish. Chances are you will find people who have the same fetish as yours. The signing up process will be done by sending you a confirmation SMS, after which you are all set to explore the world of fetish.
  • ALT.com – This website has over 600,000 active monthly users. You can find people with fetishes and fantasies on this website. There’s even a free membership available on this website. Although this sounds exciting, there might be fake profiles on this website, which can be a problem for many people.

The websites, as mentioned above, can be used as an alternative to AdultFriendfinder. Although the interface and design might be different from the website, these are some popular and good websites that can find sexual partners.

Special Features

Special Features

The website has many useful and special features for its users. The following are the special features available on this website:

  • Live video chat – This feature is absent in many hookup websites. But this website isn’t like other websites. This feature allows users to video chat with each other without any hindrance. This is a very useful feature for the people who want to have virtual sex with each other.
  • Send gifts – The problem with online dating or hookup is that you can’t physically go to the person’s doorstep and give them a gift. Hence, AdultFriendfinder has an option through which any user can send virtual gifts to any user on this website.
  • Search filters – Search filters allow people to find users who are specifically into a particular kink or fetish. This can be used by any user, depending on their membership plan.

Along with the features mentioned, the user can use a lot of features that can be used. As you use AdultFriendfinder website, you will find these features.

Membership Plan

The website offers a wide variety of membership plans for its users. The users can use these plans to unlock features that will be useful in finding people. The following are the membership plans of AdultFriendfinder:

  • The 1-month plan will last you for a whole month, and you will be paying $40 in a month.
  • The 3-month plan – You will be paying $27 monthly, and in total, your total bill will be $81.
  • The 12-month plan – If you choose this plan, you will be paying monthly $20, and in total, you will pay $240.

The 1-month plan looks expensive when compared to other plans. The 3-month plan is the most popular plan for this website.

If you are a free user, then there’s nothing much you can do on AdultFriendfinder. You can only browse through profiles. But if you choose any one of the membership plans, you can message a user, flirt with them, hotlist them, etc. The membership plan gives you a lot of flexibility on this website.

You can first try the website for free for a few days and then go for one of the membership plans. You can choose any one of the membership plans that the website offers. The plans are pretty simple to understand, and they even tell you the benefits of choosing one of those plans.

Payment Method for AdultFriendfinder

Payment Method for AdultFriendfinder

Unlike many websites that only allow a few payment methods, AdultFriendfinder has four different payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Paypal

You can choose from one of the modes mentioned above to pay for the purchases you make on AdultFriendfinder website.


It is necessary to keep an eye on what kind of information you share with people on this website. It would help if you were careful about such things. The website only asks you for your payment information when making any payment.

Who Can Message Me On AdultFriendfinder?

u messages, and if you do not like this, you can change according to your preferences in the settings section.

How to Block Scammers and Fake Profiles on AdultFriendfinder?

You can report any user on the website itself. If you do not know how to report, you can call the support team to inform them.

What Information Should I Not Post on AdultFriendfinder

Your banking details should never be posted on your profile. People can use those details to steal money from your bank account.

Scammers and Fake Profiles on AdultFriendfinder

Yes, there are fake profiles and scammers on this website. You have to be careful when messaging users on AdultFriendfinder.


Company: Friend finder networks

Address: Inc 910 E.Hamilton Ave, Sixth Floor, Campbell, California.

Phone: 888-575-8383

Email: Support@adultfriendfinder.com



AdultFriendfinder is a very efficient and useful website that can be used by anyone to find hookups. For the convenience of the users, they even have launched a mobile application for the users. The website feels a bit outdated but does its job nonetheless. The website offers many useful features that can be used by users to find their sex partners. Their convenient membership plans can unlock these features. Users can choose the plan they are most comfortable with and subscribe to it. This website is for the people who want to spice up their boring sex life. The AdultFriendsfinder review will help you get your queries sorted.

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