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Apex Review 2022: An overview Of Design And Usability!

Apex Review 2022: An overview Of Design And Usability!
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 32-45
Profiles 864 254
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the greatest merit and something that the users love about the site, as per Apex reviews, is that the site is based on votes. It is a democratic way of rating profiles. This allows the users to choose between two profiles based on their features, quality, and quality of profile pictures. That is, based on its attractiveness. The profile that gets the maximum number of votes goes up in the popularity ladder, and the other one goes down
  • Safety is the primary and most essential need of users when it is about online dating. The site makes sure that the privacy and safety needs of the users are adequately met. The site's team monitors every profile working over its platform with strict guidelines and takes action immediately if any malpractices or wrongdoings are noticed
  • Users can block other users if they find someone to be troubling them, or if they don't want someone to contact them. This is one feature available in almost all dating sites, and it is available in Apex too
  • The site wants all its users to provide their location details and allows them to search for other users based on their location. This is helpful because, with the help of this option, users can get to know whether they will meet the other user in real or whether it is going to be all about virtual meetings
  • The nearby option will help the users find people who are nearby them and ready for casual dates, if the user is looking for just hookups and not a long term relationship
  • The Apex website's search optionhas a lot of filters attached to it to help the users cut short the large number of results they might be getting otherwise. The filters include age, sex, photo, etc. the users can use it according to their preferences and according to what they want
  • Apex review states that something that the users love the most about the site is its messaging feature. Users can message anyone they want and that too for free. This makes Apex is different from all other online dating service providers that charge its users for messaging
  • The site has many users, and as a result of this, often scammers and hackers hide in between and make some trouble to the genuine users. This happens even though the site has a strict monitoring system working against such scammers and hackers
  • Unlike all other online dating service providers, Apex allows only text messaging over the platform. No voice messages are allowed
  • Video calls are also not available on the site. This feature is available on almost all the modern online dating sites, but Apex does not have one

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Apex is an online dating service provider that has been in the field for several years and has been helping many of its users find the perfect matches for them via the comfort of the internet. It is useful for those in search of friends with benefits that can later turn into a good friendship or even a long term relationship and marriage. The site tries to connect people with the same mindset and attitude towards life, thereby leading to hookups or even more serious relationships.

Apex is meant really for those people who are in search of hookups and casual dates, but it can also lead to serious relationships if wanted. The site has been rated 3.4 out of 5 by its users, which proves the site to be a good one, and the Apex reviews show that the site has comparatively very few fake profiles. The site claims to have millions of users worldwide and about 639,302 new members per month.

There are many different features available on the site. One of the most important one among them is that the site relies on voting. The site allows users to vote for profiles. Two users will appear on the home screen. Users can vote for it according to the profile quality, hobbies, descriptions given, etc. the profile that gets the highest number of votes will rise in the popularity ladder, and the other one will go done. It is one democratic way to rate profiles. This Apex feature allows the users to use the app in a fun-filled and entertaining environment rather than in a serious one. All these fun activities make the site a kind of relaxation method too. The site also gives location information about its users. It’s really helpful in deciding whether the users are available for a real meeting, or it is going to be just about virtual meetings. Apex has it all for its users. Apex reviews prove the site to be something loved by its users from all around the globe.

One another feature that makes Apex unique and different from its competitors and other online dating service providers is that the site is free. Anyone can use the site without having to pay for it. This makes the site similar to social media sites. The fun-filled environment adds to the similarity.

Apex allows its users to text and view other users’ profiles only after logging in or signing up. The site also wants the users to upload a profile picture of themselves before chatting and making relationships. This is one feature of the site that is similar to what all other dating websites have.

Apex Review 2020

Merits And Demerits

Everything has merits and demerits, that is something normal, so do the Apex website. But what makes the site stand out is that the number of its merits is more than its demerits and also the demerits are trivial. Please take a look at some of its merits and demerits.

Website Design

Apex website has a very user-friendly design. The design is so simple and clear that the users find no difficulty in navigating through the site. Every feature provided by the site is well labeled, and thus the users can find it the instant they want to use it. The overall outlook of the site is also pleasant and attractive. The different features provided by the site makes the process of matchmaking entertaining and fun. The site uses very light colors on the screen, making it more pleasant and pleasing to the eyes. This also reduces the strain on the eyes, which can occur due to long hours of viewing the screen. Apex review proves that it is something the users love about the site.

The site provides many features to make the users use it with ease. The search filters are something worth mentioning. The site allows users to use these filters while searching for other users. Age, sex, name, photos, etc. are some of the commonly used search filters. The ‘nearby’ option is also something the users love according to Apex reviews because it helps the users find people available nearby them.

The site has an app version of its service to let the users use it on the go. The app has all the features provided on the site and also has a user-friendly design. The app is available on Android and iOS and is free to download. It has been rated high by its users and is the best option if the users are tired of the website version. There is a mobile website version of the site available for those people who are not interested in downloading the app. This allows users to access the site through their phones without having to download the app.

Like all other dating sites, Apex also wants its users to first register and create an account before starting to use it. The registration process is simple and easy and takes only 7 minutes or less to get completed. Users should either go to the Apex website or download the apex app to start the registration. Sign in option is provided on the home page of the site.

The site asks for the gender preferences and gender of the users initially; once this is done, a valid email id has to be provided, followed by a strong password so that no one else can sneak into the profile without the knowledge of the actual user and the account will remain safe from any other external threats. Once this is done, the profile is ready, and now the user has to give an attractive and unique username. Users should always remember to keep the username attractive because better usernames will get more preference when other searches for users. As the site uses a voting system to help profiles come up into popularity, it is important to note that everything provided in the site has to be attractive and catchy.

After all, this is done, the users can then provide more information about themselves like birthday, zip code, and location to help the profile work smoothly and find the best matches and hookups. Description of oneself and photos can also be uploaded to catch others’ attention and gain more votes during the voting.

Website Design

Similar Sites

Being an online dating service provider, Apex has many alternatives and competitors over the internet. some of the important competitors are:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • Bumble
  • harmony

Tinder is one dating site known to all. The swipe left or swipe right option of this site is something that gained popularity among the teenagers. The site is all about attractive pictures of oneself and simple, catchy lines to gain others’ interest. The site is also free for the users and also uses location information to find people nearby.

OkCupid is known for its largest number of users and straightforward dating tools. The site has paid and free memberships available, but only the paid members get access to all the features provided by the site. The search filters, personality tests, etc. are something that makes this site special.

Match.com is meant for people looking for serious relationships. It also has a lengthy questionnaire to help the users reveal their interests and dislikes. This site is quite expensive as compared to other sites. It also has free membership options, but only the paid members get to use all the features available.

Bumble.com is a site for people looking for casual dates rather than serious relationships and marriages. This site also allows users to make business connections over its platform. This is one feature of the site that makes it different from all other normal dating service providers. It is also a paid site.

Eharmony is one online dating site in the field for several years and has helped many find the love of their life. The site uses computer algorithms to make matches according to the compatibility between users and shows suggestions. The users can choose whether to go forward with the matches provided by the site or search for the one they like.

Similar Sites


There are many features of the Apex website that makes it unique and different from all its competitors. Some of them are:

  • According to the Apex review, the ‘nearby’ feature provided by the site is one that the users love. This feature allows the users to use the location information provided on the profile to see other users who are nearby them. This is helpful for those people who love to have real meetings and hookups rather than virtual ones. The ‘nearby’ section lists out the nearby users, and the users can check them to find someone interesting and worth making a connection with.
  • The messaging feature of the site is also something worth mentioning. As already mentioned, it is free of cost, and anyone who has an account over the website can use it without having to pay for it, which is unlike most of the dating sites available now. More than being free, it is simple and easy to use. Users will never find difficulty in using it. Users can also message boys or girls according to their preferences, and there is no gender-based restriction in messaging.
  • Apex provides all its services for free. Users have to sign in, give their details, and start using the site like any other social media site. It is as simple as that. There is no threat of losing money or not getting features worth the money spent, like what happens in most dating sites.
  • Users have the opportunity to block or report the profiles of others, which seem too troubling or irritating. Once a profile is reported, the site will take measures to block them out and manage a good ecosystem.
  • The search features of the site are also worth mentioning. It is also something that takes special mention in Apex review. There are a lot of search filters available for users to choose from and use. These filters help to cut short the large list of users who come up in a normal search.
  • The voting system to find popular profiles is one feature that makes the site unique and different.

Cost Details

Apex values the money of its users and hence has made the site free to use. The users do not need to take any trouble comparing the cost of the site with other similar sites and try to find whether the site is worth spending the money on. They also do not need to trouble themselves by transferring the money online. Apex is free for all its users, and all the features provided by the site are accessible to all.

Cost Details

Can The Payment Option For Apex Be Changed?

Apex is completely free of cost, and all its features are available for free. Thus there is no question of a payment on the website.

Security Details

Apex is very cautious about the privacy and safety of its users. They take different steps to ensure that the users’ privacy and safety needs are correctly met. The site does its best to keep the site free from scammers and hackers and unwanted contents like obscene images, abusive language, etc. The site allows its users to report or block users who are troubling them. The site also encourages its users to use the reporting option immediately if they become victims of any harassment of scam; this ensures the safety of not just one user but of all the users using the Apex website. once a profile gets reported, the site will ensure that the reported profile is removed to ensure a good and safe platform for other users.

Security Details

How To Filter Messages In Apex?

Users cannot filter the users who can send them messages, but they can, for sure, block the users who are troubling them. Once a user is blocked, he/she will not be able to message the user anymore. The users can also report inappropriate users; the site will look into the case if anything like that gets reported and take measures to ensure the users’ safety.

How To block Suspected Users?

Open the conversation with a person whom you want to block. There are settings on the page that mentions the block option. If some user’s profile has to be reported, this can also be done in just a click.

How To block Suspected Users?

What Information Should Not Be Posted On Apex?

The site is strict about its users’ safety and privacy needs and thus prevents all types of scams and unwanted content on the website. The site monitors its users’ messages to make sure that no obscene or abusive content is being shared. Uploading obscene photos is also restricted over the site. any such activity can lead to the profile getting blocked forever, and the user will not get back the profile.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On Apex?

Being an online dating service provider that provides its services for free, having fake and scam profiles is high, but the site tries the best to keep away from scammers. The site team monitors everything that happens on the platform of the site and takes immediate action if any such activity gets noticed.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On Apex?


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Apex is one of the greatest and largest online dating service providers available over the internet. They have been working in the field for the past six years and have helped many find matches for them over these years. The site is best suitable for those in search of casual meetups and hookups rather than serious relationships, even though the meetups can slowly grow into something serious. The Apex reviews by its users prove the site to be something worth spending the time on.

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