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Chatiw Review 2022: Covering All The Aspects Of The Website

Chatiw Review 2022: Covering All The Aspects Of The Website
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Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This online chat platform is available in almost every country in the world.
  • Chatiw website provides instant access to all its users.
  • Profile creation is free of cost.
  • It offers reliable customer support.
  • For security and credibility of users, it uses a strong GPS.
  • The chat system is full of exciting features.
  • Premium membership plans are quite affordable.
  • There are no display pictures on the users’ profiles.
  • There is a higher chance of encountering a fake profile.
  • It doesn’t leave anything in the chat history.
  • The site is only suitable for maintaining short-term relations.
  • It doesn’t have any strict verification system.

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This is an online chatting platform. It is popular among today’s generation because it can enlarge their social circle. People use it to find friends, dates, soulmates, or just to have a casual hookup. It provides all its users a platform to chat free of cost to anyone on the site.

It connects single men and women using the platform who are seeking the same kind of relationship. People are using the chat platform from all around the globe. However, most of the users belong to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Chatiw is a widely used chatting hub that people can use either via desktop or mobile phones. Besides texting, it allows live chat with other users and sharing pictures with them.

If this sounds interesting and fulfilling to your needs to find a friend, date, or a hookup partner, then register for free. Joining the chatroom doesn’t even require registration. Feeding some basic information is enough to begin using the site.

If you find it interesting, then read further and know the pros and cons of the website. This review has been prepared to highlight all the necessary points that help decide whether the site is your call or not.

First Impression Of Website And Its Usability

First Impression Of Website And Its Usability

Chatiw website is designed using a simple approach. It is user-friendly and offers easy navigation. Using the service either for a personal chat or chat room is easier and can be switched within minutes. Users find their interface easier because of the intuitive layout and arrangement of all the features.

If you are chatting with any of the members, you can find out whether he/she is online, are typing, or have seen the sent message.

If you want to try this messaging service for free, then there is no need to register yourself. Only feeding some general information will do. It includes a nickname, age, sex, country, and state. If you want to find other nearby users, you can click on the “GPS” icon. The only issue in using this site for free is that all this information has to be filled every time. For verification, the site relies on the captcha code for keeping the bots away from creating the profile.

According to this, Chatiw review opting for the paid membership is a better option. All the premium plans are affordable. With the premium membership, the users get access to all the special features. With the selection of a premium plan, the user has to create a profile. With this, the registered member doesn’t need to fill in the information every time they need to visit the site.

With all this short registration formality, the user is good to go. All the online members will be visible to the user. The site is not meant to meet people for serious relationships; therefore, there is no matchmaking feature. For free users, there is a limit to sending messages per day. All the users are allowed to contact any other user. There is nothing like sending requests. Only VIP users are allowed to send unlimited messages, send links, and numbers online.

The service is available as a Chatiw website for desktop users, a mobile application that works well on Android and iOS devices. Mobile users can also use the service via a mobile browser if they are not comfortable keeping the application.

People prefer using the mobile application over other versions because of the similar functioning as the website. Besides, it is best for on-the-go users. You cannot take your desktop everywhere; thus, the mobile application’s compactness gives it an extra edge. It is available to download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free.

Similar Online Chatting Websites

Similar Online Chatting Websites

Some other services similar to the Chatiw website, are mentioned in this section. These are:

  1. Shockrooms: It is an online chatroom that allows the users to text or video call each other. Users can simply log in as a guest and send requests to others for instant chatting. It offers a large number of chat rooms that are open-to-all. It has users all around the globe.
  2. E-chat: Another free website for all the chat lovers. It is fun to use this open-to-all free chat service. It comes with an easy registration process. Users of E-chat create their chat rooms. Anyone can use it without downloading any plugins.
  3. OMG Chat: This is also a chatting platform with a webcam allowing the users to have live video chats. It also offers a feature of voice calling. It doesn’t ask for any membership to its users for using any of the available features.
  4. ChatStep: An online platform to chat with any other member. There is nothing like undergoing the registration process. Here the users can chat individually or at a group level. Users can either create their groups online or join the existing ones. Anyone can use the service without having a registered account on the site.
  5. ChatCrypt: An online chatting website where users can create specialized encrypted chat rooms for communicating with other members. The chat rooms can be built on a group level as well. A username and password are assigned to the group admin. He/she can easily add a friend or more to it by sharing the username and password with them.
  6. ZChat: It is also an online chatting website. It serves people all around the world free of cost. It is available as a mobile application, as well as for desktop users. Other than chatting, people use this site for flirting and finding dates. It only requires the step of account creation. After this, it is using all its communication features is a piece of cake.
  7. Chatzy: It is an online chat room that is open-to-all. It offers free services to all its members. All users are free to make private chat rooms. After this, the chat room creator can send an invitation to its users via email. There is a need to have a registration process or to download any special software.

There are some more online platforms where people can find similar services. They include ChatSecure, Zobe, Bit Chat, Kandan, Cyph, Otr.to, Pidgin-Encryption, Riot.im, etc.

Exclusive Features For Its Users

Exclusive Features For Its Users

Chatiw website is intended for giving a platform for online chatting to all its users. Therefore there are no special features on the website. However, the home page has some features that the users find quite intriguing. These are:


It is a feature at the bottom of the home page. Before initiating an online chatting journey, their blogs might be a great help. All the blog posts are mainly dedicated to providing guidelines and tips on dating, relationships, and online chatting.

Safety Tips

This feature is dedicated to providing tips on having a safe online chatting experience. It is created to prevent potential users from scammers and frauds

  • Chat History: As its name suggests, the feature keeps track of the user’s conversation while he/she is online. The chat history is deleted automatically after the session is logged out. It is located at the top of the main chat page beside the inbox.
  • Other Links: The main chat page has links all over it. These links take the user to different sites affiliated to Chatiw. All these sites also offer chat rooms and live shows.

Despite being the special features, all the users can access these features regardless of their membership type. The site is intended for the people who want to chat with strangers and well serves the purpose. Therefore, there are not many unique features available on this online platform in comparison to other sites. For the targeted users, i.e., people to have a chit-chat with others having different mindsets, find it satisfying.

Subscription Plans: Costs, Duration, And Their Benefits

Subscription Plans: Costs, Duration, And Their Benefits

This chat service comes with various features. The users can have an online chatting experience with lots of people for free. However, to maximize the users’ experience, VIP subscriptions are also available. Opting VIP membership doesn’t charge too much in comparison to other similar services.

With the VIP subscription, the users do not need to fill all the details again and again. Such users can directly log in to the site using the username and password.

The price and duration of all the available VIP plans are given in this Chatiw review article. These are as follows:

  • 1 Month: Becoming a VIP member of this chatting website charges 4.95 USD from the member for a month.
  • 6 Months: A user can choose to become a VIP member for six months for 4.33 USD/month. Overall, it charges 25.95 USD.
  • Twelve months: For 12 months, the VIP pack costs 4.16 USD/month. It requires a total investment of 49.95 USD.
  • Lifetime membership: Only 99.95 USD can provide membership for a lifetime.
  • All the payments are only made in US Dollars via PayPal.

The differences between the services provided to free users and premium users are given below:

All the premium features available to VIP members are:
  • Unlimited messages: Only the VIP members can send unlimited messages to any of the users. There is no limit on the number of messages that a user can send in a day.

  • Sending links and numbers: Other than texts, premium users of Chatiw are allowed to send links or numbers to other members.
  • Ad-free navigation: These users can navigate around the site without the interruption of unnecessary ads.
  • Priority in all types of services: All paid users are trusted as legit and are looked at as priority members. These are treated better than other users and receive immense customer support in return.
  • Captcha-free logins: The paid users do not need to log-in by going through the captcha-code verification.
  • Reserve a nickname: This feature allows the VIP users to reserve a nickname permanently on the site. Every time they log-in, that nickname will serve as their identity to other members.
  • VIP Badge: All the premium members profile gets a VIP badge. If you want to chat with only a credible member, then find the badge on the profile and begin further communication.
Free services:
  • Even without paying a single penny on this chatting platform, one can do a lot more than just chatting. These services are given below:
  • Profile creation: Though it is not mandatory to add credibility to the account, free users can always build a profile and edit or update it anytime.
  • Joining chat rooms: A free user can easily join a chat room and communicate with all the members.
  • Active search: Searching other members on the site is also a feature that is open for all the members regardless of their membership.
  • Sending photos and emojis: If you love communicating more via emojis, this feature is your cup of tea. A free member can also send pictures online on this chatting platform.
  • Block users: If any user wants to block a profile from contacting them, then this feature is also available for free users.
    • Is There A Way To Change The Method Of Payment On Chatiw?

      No, the method of payment cannot be changed for the website users. All the payments are made via PayPal and in the US Dollars only. Anyone can pay for its premium plans from any location. Even if the user belongs to a country with a different currency, they can pay for it via the same method. The site regulates a safe payment gateway. Therefore, there is no need to change the method of payment for a VIP subscription.

      While opting for the paid plan, the financial details are kept private, and no data is leaked during online payment.

      Safety And Security Of Users

      Safety And Security Of Users

      As per the research and available Chatiw reviews, providing a safe chatting platform is its primary aim. However, the site is meant for users to enter an interactive atmosphere with strangers. Therefore, the basic risk that is involved in online chatting is always there. The safety tips feature there on the website for guiding the users and preventing them from any such risks.

      Along with following the guidelines, the users should never share personal details on online chat forums. Especially keep in mind that sharing financial data online is the most dangerous step one could take online while talking to a stranger.

      With these safety tips in mind, this a safe online platform to chat to have some casual fun.

      The website collects some of the user’s information like email addresses, link clicks while using the service, etc. However, their privacy policy declares that the information is restricted to their database only. None of this is shared with third parties like sponsors, affiliates, and partners unless ordered by law.

      Is There Any Setting That Allows The User To Have Filtered Messages On Chatiw’s Inbox?

      There is no filter available for receiving messages. Anyone can send a message to all the other users on the website. However, to prevent some users from reaching via chat, you can always select the option of blocking or reporting. This way, the messages can be controlled and filtered to some extent. There is no need to buy the VIP subscription for this. A free user is equally eligible to block undesirable contacts as a premium member.

      What Are The Steps To Block A Scammer Or Suspicious Fake User? Is It Possible To Report Such Fake Accounts?

      If you have encountered a user that seems suspicious, rude, or abusive, there is nothing to worry about. There are options for dealing with such users, i.e., block them and report them to the customer support team.

      For blocking a user on this chat, platform click on the “Block” button present beside the username.

      The website will guide for further instruction to file a report against such users.

      Is There Any Information That The User Should Be Cautious About While Sharing On The Chatiw Account?

      Every user should keep in mind that the personal details like address, phone number, and email address should not be shared publicly on a site like this. It is full of strangers, so it is better to keep such sensitive information confidential. People could register to it for soliciting money or blackmail the legit users online or offline. Along with the basic personal detail, never share any financial data with fellow users. It includes your credit card details so that you would not have to face any loss while using the online chat platform. It is intended for finding friends, dates, hookup partners, or for random chats. Therefore, all this could be achieved safely by keeping this information to yourself only.

      Does The Site Have Any Scammers Or Fake Profile Holders?

      Chatiw reviews by many users reveal that the platform has some fake members as well. These scammers can create a bug on the site, if not suspected on time. As the site does not carry any verification process for the users entering the site. Only the captcha code verification is not that strict. The scammers can easily pass the hurdle. The site doesn’t even ask for a profile picture. Therefore, it is impossible to judge who is using it from the other side of the screen.

      Contact Details

      Below all the necessary contact details are mentioned related to the website. It includes the name of the hosting company, mailing address, phone hotline, and email address.

      • Company: The site is itself the hosting company.
      • Address: It is an online platform. For any query, the users can visit the website. The link to this chatting platform is https://chatiw.com/.
      • Phone: The site does not have a dedicated phone hotline for its users to contact.
      • E-Mail: support@chatiw.com
      summary Of The Review

      Summary Of The Review

      According to this and all other available Chatiw reviews, the website is a great way to connect with people globally. It does not even ask the users to register before using the service. People can text, share images, emojis, and whatnot. By filling basic information like nickname, age, sex, country, and state, anyone can use the service for chatting. The users who want to have a chit-chat with other members who share the same location can tap the GPS button.

      The site is most suitable for users who want to have casual interaction online. People use the site for killing time, having entertainment and excitement. The database is completely removed once a user logs out. However, to have an enhanced experience on this platform and to access special features, a VIP subscription can be purchased. The plans that VIP subscription offers are cost-effective.

      This chatting service has been on the web since 2009 and serving the people by fulfilling their needs.

      All in all, the site works well in providing casual flirting, sexting, and chatting. People looking for a serious relationship or a partner to marry should look for another dating website.

      However, if you want to have a short-term conversation or casual flirt, you have visited the right place. Join Chatiw today for free and have an exceptional chatting experience with strangers worldwide anonymously.

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