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Kik Review 2022: Know About the Membership Costs, Prices and Unique Features

Kik Review 2022: Know About the Membership Costs, Prices and Unique Features
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Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 22-32
Profiles 2 890 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up for this chatting service is free of cost.
  • Numerous users are already its members that help make new friends.
  • Browsing on webpages and chatting can be done simultaneously.
  • There is no need to share the contact number to use this chatting service.
  • The dedicated application can be used on Android as well as iOS devices.
  • There is an age bar to use this application.
  • It doesn't have a sensor system.

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Have you recently moved to a new place? Are you finding it overwhelming to do it all alone? Then you have visited the right place. This Kik review article is about one such service that is the right solution for you right now. This instant messaging service is all about what you need at the moment. It offers a platform where you can communicate with many people at a time.

Besides texting, sharing images, sketches, emojis, or GIFs can be easily shared via this service. People use it as an alternative to dating services like Tinder.

This application has gained a lot of popularity among teens and adults as well. Its users are finding it helpful in connecting to family and friends. It can be used on either desktop or mobile phone with all its exciting features.

This service is something that everyone craves in this fast-paced world. To have a better understanding of this chatting platform, move forward to read this Kik review article.

Starting with its pros and cons, decide whether it is something you are looking for or not.

First Impression of the Website and Its Usability

First Impression of the Website and Its Usability

The design of the Kik website is made to give its users an eye-soothing experience. Everything on the website is so colorful and well arranged. All the sections are correctly separated and describe everything that it has to offer to its users. The homepage has four main buttons on the top right corner that says “Features,” “Community,” “Partners,” “Download.” By clicking on any of these will elaborate on the site. The home page is designed in a way that has motion like floating emojis, pop-up chat demos, etc. This design of the website makes the users curious and sticks them to it.

The easy reach of all these features makes the website design quite convenient.

Registering to Kik is done free-of-cost. Being a member of this service is easy and can be done in the following steps:

  • It all starts with downloading the application.
  • Click on the Sign-up button.
  • Feed your first and last name to be displayed on the website. It can be changed later as per the user’s will.
  • The next step will be choosing the username. If the selected username is available and unique, then a green check is displayed beside it. Alternatively, if someone has already taken the same username, then a red “X” will be shown. It could be resolved by adding variation to the same username. Adding numbers to it will work in most cases.
  • Enter a valid email address that will be used to approach you. A green checkmark will be displayed if the email address has never been used earlier on Kik. In some cases, the would-be user might face an issue if it displays a message that says, “Email already taken.” It can be resolved easily by visiting the website’s help center page.
  • Create an unpredictable password.
  • The next step is about feeding your birthday.
  • If you want to find your phone contacts on this chatting service, then enter your phone number.
  • Lastly, tap Sign-up.

After clicking on Sign up, a confirmation mail will be sent to the entered email address. If somehow the confirmation link expires, it can be sent again via app. It requires the following simple steps:

  • Tap Settings
  • Select Your Account
  • Select Email
  • Tap Not Confirmed/Email is Unconfirmed.

It can be accessed via the Kik website on a desktop. Mobile users can also download it as a mobile application.

Other Similar Messaging Services

Other Similar Messaging Services

Other mobile application and websites that can be used as its alternatives are:

  • WhatsApp
  • It is the most popular smartphone application. People use whats app around the globe because of its instant messaging.

  • Telegram
  • It is also another messaging app for smartphones. Every month 200 million people are joining it. Users prefer it due to its privacy. All the chats on Telegram are encrypted end-to-end.

  • Viber
  • Another messaging app with a different interface than Kik. Its features are appealing to users of any messaging app. Besides texting it offers

  • Messenger
  • This is a trendy application used by tons of people. It is integrated with Facebook that explains its massive user base. Its interesting features include messages, video calls, games, and adding stories to show your current activity or feelings.

  • Line
  • It is another competitor of this messaging app. It offers similar features like voice calls, messages, video calls. It also offers the part of group chat. On its group chat, up to 200 users can be added at a time.

These are some competitors of the Kik messaging service. They offer similar features and are best suited for online chat.

Exclusive Features That the Site Offers

Exclusive Features That the Site Offers

This instant online messaging service offers numerous features to all users. These features are designed to keep the present generation satisfied. This site has a lot of benefits that make it different from other such websites. The website gets updated now and then. This section is about all those features, and they are elaborated in detail:

The unique features of this instant messaging service are:

  1. Chats: Its users can chat on it with all of their friends. It offers a one-on-one chat feature to connect with its other users. The messages can be exchanged instantly via this feature.

  2. Share photos: Apart from texting, the users can exchange pictures on the Kik website or application. By exchanging pictures, users can share their current activity visually.
  3. Emojis and GIF: The website is an emoji hub. Many users prefer exchanging emoji even more than texts. This messaging service is a boon to them. They can also send as many GIFs as they want to other members.
  4. Bot Shop: This website has its way of attracting users. It has specialized bots that have a lot to offer. They enhance users’ social life. This feature can be used to have a chat, random quizzes, fashion tips, or play games with friends. Besides these pass-time activities, the users can explore news on this platform to keep them updated.
  5. Code scan: With this feature on Kik, the users connect with the people around them. It works as a scanner. Whenever it scans another user’s unique code, a chat box opens, and it can be used to send direct messages.
  6. Blogs: The website has a blog section for its users. Everything that the site hosts and every query of the users are described in a blog form. It also has guiding or security tips on the blogs.

  7. Search feature: This feature is used to search the registered members. It can be done in any of these ways. It includes searching by username, syncing, inviting the phone’s contacts, or inviting the phone’s connection.
  8. Third-Party Integration: This unique feature of the Kik website offers an integrated web browser. It enables users to browse other websites simultaneously while using this messaging app.
  9. Filtering messages: This feature is designed to give control to its users. Through this feature, they can choose who can message them this messaging app. Every new message will come as a new chat. It is up to the user now whether to further chat or ignore the person.
  10. Web History: This feature has a record of all the websites that the user has visited on the messenger. It gives all the users a better experience while chatting.
  11. Video Chat: With the video chat feature, the users can have live chats with their friends. Group video calls can also be done that can add up to six friends at a time.
  12. Kik Partners with Crisis Text Line: People on this platform can use this feature to discuss their trained counselors’ problems. It keeps the anonymity of the user intact. The problems can be discussed with experts via texting.

All these are the exclusive features that this online messaging service offers. The site offers dozens of unique features. This fact explains well about its ever-growing user base growing since its launching year, i.e., 2009. It has been 11 years now, and the users are still enjoying all the features that the website offers uninterrupted and without investing a single penny.

Cost of Its Subscription Plans for the Premium Users

Cost of Its Subscription Plans for the Premium Users

All the available Kik reviews reveal that the website or app is the free messaging platform. It doesn’t charge any money from its users. The only thing which it charges is the data. It can be used on mobile phones or desktop with the help of data plans. It also operates for free when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

All the features mentioned earlier can be used without investing money directly in it. It would only cost the amount that the user spends on recharging the data packs.

However, there could be an indirect charge on this service if the user opts for third party services. It includes premium range bot. It has advanced features as compared to the basic bot. It costs the user something between $5 to $15 that depends on the number of people in the joined group. This avails the member to choose the bot profile picture, its name, and many more.

Using this online service by spending money on it is completely the user’s choice. However, without opting for these paid plans, the users can get much more than just chatting. This is a plus point for its users that ensures their enjoyment and uninterrupted interaction.

Is There Any Provision to Change the Payment Method of Kik?

The users of this messaging service do not have to pay a single penny directly. It can be used at the cost of monthly data plans. However, this method can also be changed to allow its users to use it without paying the data charges. That is possible by using the service through a Wi-Fi network.

If the user is not around any Wi-Fi range, then there is one more alternative. It includes contacting their telecom provider. They can tell the user about the allotted monthly memory on the data plan and how much of the data is being used from the user’s end.

By following any of these methods, the users can use the service responsibly by not getting charged.

As its members use the service for free, there is nothing to worry about paying its bills and finding alternatives to the payment methods.

Security: Is It a Safe Platform for Online Messaging?

Security: Is It a Safe Platform for Online Messaging?

Kik is a safe and secure messaging service for all users. It is generally because of the anonymity that the site offers. All the shared information is always kept private. Nothing is shared with third parties on this website. All the messages sent and received via this app are not stored and are end-to-end encrypted. Only the shared video and images are temporarily stored until the time of their delivery. One of the users logs out of the service, and the message also gets removed. Nothing can be leaked through the site itself. It can neither track messages nor the location of the user.

All the members are still advised not to share any sensitive information online. In case any scammers are found on the website, then his/her account immediately gets suspended. The site is particular about its services. If any profile is found trying to solicit money from other members, it will not be tolerated.

Is It Anyhow Possible For Its User to Filter the Messages Received Online?

Yes, it is possible to get filtered messages over this platform. Every time you receive a message from a new contact, it pops-up as a “new chat.” The receiver can freely choose whether to continue receiving messages from this new chat or directly ignore it. At the bottom of the messaging page, there is the option named Chat and Ignore. If you tap the Chat icon, then the sender will be added to your contact list, and you can chat further. Whereas tapping the Ignore button will prevent the sender from being a member on your contact list. The received message from such a fellow user can also be deleted for once and all.

This facilitates the filtration of messages on this messaging service. Therefore, it allows all its users to choose their contacts and maintain a healthy interactive atmosphere.

What Are the Possible Ways to Block and Report the Suspected Scammers or Fakes Profiles?

What Are the Possible Ways to Block and Report the Suspected Scammers or Fakes Profiles?

The website is online, and anyone around the globe can join it. Though it has a strict privacy policy, it still might have some fake profile that could act as a bug. However, these scammers can be detected and prevented from developing contacts with potential users. They can easily be blocked or reported.

There are two possible ways to block a scammer on the website. Choose as per your convenience. These are as follows:

By visiting settings page:
  • Tap on Settings
  • Then click the Privacy button and select the Block List option.
  • Select +
  • Then simply, add the scammer to the block list
  • Click on “Block” to confirm
From Kik’s inbox:
  • Visit the chat of the user you want to block
  • Click on their display name on the top of the chat
  • Find and click the More button
  • Tap Block Name
  • Finally, click Block.

All the blocked members can be viewed on the Block List. Steps to view the block list involves:

Clicking on settings, then tapping the Privacy button, and finally click on Block List. You will get to know more about blocking from this Kik review.

Whenever the blocked user tries to further message, he contacts the message won’t get delivered. However, the blocked person won’t get a notification about being blocked. There is no way for them to find out about their being blocked. Even in the group chat, whenever the blocked user sends a message, it appears as BLOCKED MESSAGE.

Though once a user gets blocked, he/she cannot contact you, but the profile picture with any updates will still always be open to them.

This way, the suspected scammers can be avoided by blocking them.

To report a scammer, follow these steps:

  • Go to the chat feature and tap the profile picture of the sender.
  • Click on Display Name, located at the top.
  • Tap the three vertical dots icon, then click on “Report User.”
  • Click on “This is a spam bot.”
  • Finally, select the “Report and Block” option.

Which Information Should Not be Posted Publicly on Kik Profile?

Like any other online messaging or dating website, some precautions must always be taken. The user should be confidential about any sensitive or personal information online. Though the chats are encrypted end-to-end, it is still essential to be cautious about sharing intimate details with strangers. It includes not sharing your location, date of birth, email address, or contact number.

Neither post this personal information on your account in the public domain nor share it with unknown people on chat.

Are There Any Fake Profiles on Kik?

The website might have scammers on board. Some users join the online platform to exploit other genuine profiles. They might be interested in chasing and harassing other users. Some even join the community to solicit money from other users. For protecting themselves from such fake profiles, the members are advised to take online precautionary measures.

Contact Details

Contact Details

All the contact information of this online messaging service is given below:

  • Company: Now the hosting company behind this messaging service is MediaLab
  • Address: 1237 7th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401.
  • Phone: It doesn’t have a phone hotline for its users.
  • Email: There are two email addresses dedicated to serving its users. Either of them can be used to clear the doubts. These aresupport@kik.com or safety@kik.com. All the doubts and queries by the users get a timely response.
Final Verdict

Final Verdict

All in all, Kik is an instant messaging service with its advanced features. The minimum age limit to be its member is 13 years. Therefore, the site is a suitable spot for teens and young adults who want to enhance their social life. It is a great platform to find friends and has an exciting social life.

All its features are fun to use. People starting their life at a new place find it helpful extraordinarily. This chatting platform brings its users close to their friends, family, or other community members. It also maintains the complete anonymity of its users. Besides posting necessary details of users on the profile, their details are not visible on their profiles. Different bots and groups are also there on the website, which the members can use with other exciting features. With bots’ help, people seek random fashion advice, play games, or read the news.

A lot of people use it because the application offers services for free. In today’s digital world, everyone owns a smartphone and buys a data pack. With these two requirements, only anyone can use this messaging service without paying anything extra.

Therefore, it is an online service that is worth trying. All the users are delighted with their services. There are tons of qualitative Kik reviews by its users that add to the credibility of the website. If all the safety measures are kept in mind, it has a lot to offer to all its users. It is an excellent source of fun, enjoyment, and social interaction.

Download the mobile app today and enjoy unlimited chat with other users.

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