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MeetMe Review 2022: Subscribers, Prices And Unique Characteristics

MeetMe Review 2022:  Subscribers, Prices And Unique Characteristics
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 55 680
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free.
  • Mobile applications are available for both IOS and Android.
  • Users can enjoy the messaging feature without any subscription.
  • The availability of live streaming draws more positivity to meeting new people.
  • Profile pictures can be private to friends only.
  • Primary account users may be attacked with unwanted mass ads.
  • The profiles that users come across as a match suggestion aren't much detailed.
  • As fake accounts can be easily assembled, fraud encounters are a usual thing in this MeetMe website.
  • The free of cost messaging feature is a plus point yet not an excellent prospect to keep the rude users away. Rude users can get awful most of the time and much likely to abuse women with dirty and inappropriate spams.
  • Mainly suitable for pass time lovers.

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MeetMe is a platform crafted as a dating and social media platform in one. It is the reason why this site is one of the most popular dating platforms worldwide.

Well, as correctly affirmed above, the siteconducts itself as a combination of two niches, i.e., social media and a dating site. However, the ‘dating’ algorithm is better emphasized with the right preference.

The site’s loyal users were hit with a major rebranding in 2017 with the Live video feature’s welcoming. The popularity tale of the same has also been shared in some of the top journals.

The site’s vision motif is to create bonds and join the hearts of individuals in search of a better half. To keep up with this motif’s pace, MeetMe generates suggestions that are far away from the identities of the Facebook Friends list. An excellent evaluation to keep users out of the mutual list yet over again.

Users are eligible to earn credit that will later be helpful to fantasize about the account by subscribing to some of the fantastic features. Credits can either be purchased with real cash or by engaging in several offered surveys and playing games.

To view users free and ready to indulge in an instant virtual date, click the date option standing in the Live feeds section. The rapid date section is limited to a specific time and going live. Random users viewing the rapid live date can spice up with their comments or add salt to it by suggesting questions. Once the time (90 sec) is up, the conversations automatically switch down. To keep continuing in private, type Match.

In case you are more of a shy person, go forward with the blind date option that will blur the appearance at the start. The level of blurriness is, however, gradually lowered with time and is over by the end.

Post finding the match, head further with the Ask Me tool for melodious conversation. Ask Me feature from the site is the conversation leader that takes users to their abode of questions and answers (dating interview). Or one may also choose to connect via the Live’s that are being delivered in feeds.

Sharing Live video’s in premium accounts need no effort that limits sharing and lives chatting but earning up to 100$ in an hour. Yes! Earning! How unsoothing it sounds for a dating site like MeetMe to have this feature, although it’s not. Growing the audience is the key. Anyone who’s highly impressed by your entertainment ticket can share the site gifts that can be transformed into cash via PayPal. Also, the site does not cut withdrawal charges.

Apart from regular live streams, initiating the ‘battle’ feature is also bound with tons of applause. Battle niche ranges from music to dance to skits and more. The feature is perhaps an extensively interesting feature whereby two participants competing against each other are seen. Along with the two participants, the audiences grab hefty attention. Lastly, the participant hurdling with a lesser receive of virtual gifts loses.

Nothing else but the MeetMe website shall be your ideal dating destination carrying two focused motifs, to meet you with a lover or increase the list of acquaintances.

What Type Of Website Design Does The Site Have? Is It User Friendly?

What Type Of Website Design Does The Site Have? Is It User Friendly?

Every dating site’s goal is to make love bonds, and to find a match is pretty easy on MeetMe Website. One needs to run down through photos and respond if they want to be their secret admirer. Viewing the list of users admiring you is also easily accessible. The list can be filtered by gender, relationship status, preferred age, and area.

To start the fun interaction, one needs to go through the signup phase, followed by completing the profile details. The signup process lacks questions and informative algorithms. Only the necessary details like gender, location, about, and name are asked. Individuals can instantly sign up either by Facebook id or their email. Getting oneself into the site’s massive family is free and convenient, with some of the best features that are cost-free.

The MeetMe website will hardly consume a minute or two to complete the registration. Just a little step registration, after which the new users are taken to their account dashboard. Dashboard, along with some matches.

The signup is a straightforward process that can turn out as a drawback. The less is the assimilation of information, the higher is the probability of catching matches with the least expressed information.

However, the features of the MeetMe dating site are praiseworthy. Users get an easy pass to explore and set the Match tool accordingly to bring out more numbers of matches surrounding in a similar location. One can also specify the opposite person’s preferred age.

MeetMe app is available free of cost for all android and IOS users. The smartphone version of the dating site is far more convenient than the pc version. While the website interface is quite dull and outdated, the smartphone version of the same exists with the modern outlook. Also, the site or desktop interface is more likely to witness technical issues.

Chances for desktop site users to blunder out on some great features also stays in peak. The whole contrast is that the app version is comparatively better to an extent in all edges.

Whether the site is user friendly or not can be best answered by the soothing MeetMe reviews and 100 M active users worldwide.

Some Alternative Dating Sites That Are Worth Consideration

Some Alternative Dating Sites That Are Worth Consideration

If the site lies not in the line of favor, below are four alternatives added to the MeetMe review:

  • CatholicMatch: A faith-based dating site founded in the year 1999. Registering in this dating site gives one assurance, i.e., a loving partner, sooner or later. But to indulge in a conversation game, one needs to upgrade themselves to a premium member. All catholic Christians willing to get married in a Catholic Church are eligible to get themselves registered. CatholicMatch is here for decades, yet the design interface is top notched.
  • FirstMet: One prospect that every user appreciates about FirstMet is that there are no random boring questions but specific interests. Based on affirmed interests and the level of similarity, match suggestions are created, most of which are genuine. The site contains no doubt with its genuinity as the profiles are thoroughly checked and verified. Unlike many other dating platforms, FirstMet runs not to obtain undeserving profits but to offer help that exists for a lifetime. However, a drawback of FirstMet is that the language is available only in English.
  • TanTan: Almost all the features in Tantan are available for free. And even if one thinks to upgrade it, they can do so with budget-friendly subscription costs. Getting matched, better search filters, chatting, quiz games, posting pictures with a limit of 6, all of the basic features are free. Even the details can be viewed conveniently. Although initiating conversation is free of cost, users can only commence communicating after having matched. For anyone unaware, TanTan has got its roots from mainland China that tracks the location to attract users around the respective locality. Even the signing up of Tantan is a 2-minute process. One can choose to get registered via an active email id, Facebook, or phone number.
  • Bumble: Bumble officially surfaced in the year 2014. The person behind the platform is an erstwhile employee of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. The one concept of Bumble that is entirely unsimilar for the rest is the women’s power. To match and get matches is in complete control of women users. This unique concept is for real a great safety protocol for women. From the USA alone, the bumble dating site has managed to capture 11 M users. The site’s age range is mostly between 25 to 35, unlike the rest dating sites where the majority age is 50 and above.
What Are Some Of The Site’s Wow Features?

What Are Some Of The Site’s Wow Features?

The bold fact that smartphone applications of MeetMe are more convenient to use is proof that the company’s overall eyes focus more on app development. Below are a few more features that are certain to lure you towards the app:

  • Question and answer: Question feature that is meant to connect people. A great way to commence friendship indeed. Worry less as your identity will stay hidden until the asked questions are answered.
  • Live Stream: With the excuse of finding a lover, earn visual gifts, and then turn it into cash.
  • Secret admirer game: An actual secret admirer fantasy game in MeetMe where users are offered five chances to pick out the guess of their secret admirer among several other users.
Is the site budget-friendly? How are its costs and prices?

Is the site budget-friendly? How are its costs and prices?

To explore the site and communicate is free. Yet the upgrade from a basic account to MeetMe+ user is bound to envelop with better services. The feature unlocking can be undergone via cash or credit that users usually earn by playing linked games. Virtual gifts can also be acquired by entertaining audiences on live streams and receiving the audience bonus. Credits, as mentioned, a line earlier can be used to unlock exclusive features or even transformed into cash.

Subscription is relatively lower than other dating sites and is of three types; 1-month subscription at the cost of 6$ and 99 cents, a 3-month subscription for 16$ and 99 cents, and a 6-month subscription for 24$ and 99 cents. All of the payments can be made via PayPal, credit, or debit card.

NOTE: Subscriptions are by default renewed automatically, and prices may vary from country to country and short span discounts.

Using a MeetMe+ account will acquire more probabilities of finding a match as your profile will be given priority and positioned above all in suggestions.

Upgradation is on one side and credits on another. Indulgence of credits can pay off the fun features, too, such as viewing the list of photo stalkers.

Like credits converting into cash, users are also liable to earn credit by engaging in various actions or even purchasing it using cash. It’s not called throwing money for anything but investing for fun.

The cost of 250 credits is 4$ and 99 cents that goes up to a maximum of 99$ and 99 cents for a fat number of 16,500 credits. Users can also set the settings and avail auto-renewal by the end of credits.

Rather than availing credits via cash, users can also achieve it through the virtual gifts received.

The virtual gifts that are termed as ‘diamonds’ can be converted to either cash or credit. For cash, diamonds are squeezed to 0.25 % of the initial number, while for credit, Diamonds squeezed to half the initial number; for e.g., 100 diamonds turn into 50 credits and 500 to 250.

The upgraded account comes with luring features bound to attract extra fun. With no slight disturbances of ads, upgraded users can anonymously stalk strangers, customize themes, and obtain an additional niche of search filters. Also, messages from upgraded accounts are given priority.

However, users not willing and ready to join MeetMe+ and keep going with the primary account are also offered basic features. The profile is created, Match search is present, live stream and instant messaging are available, and all of these are sufficient.

Can The Method Of Payment For MeetMe Be Altered?

NOTE: The site does not entertain by storing any details of credit/debit cards.

A very convenient algorithm of payment is offered to the users. The ‘payment settings’ is the gateway to all payments.

After the first upgrade, there’s no necessity to keep on bothering oneself with the repayments. In short, the subscriptions are auto-renewed. Auto-renewal is a choice and can be discontinued and continued again anytime.

The procedure of procuring a refund is also easy. One only requires contacting the company, and then, the in-charge team itself handles everything. The company post receiving the refund request, evaluates the transaction details and everything else. But it’s important to know that refunds are only provided if the packs are purchased but unused.

How Tight Is The Site's Security?

How Tight Is The Site’s Security?

The security of the MeetMe dating site is not much of a happy talking. One step sign up lacks an authenticity check due to which fake profiles linger in high numbers.

High order of meeting awful pedophiles also prevails. The social media like dating site isn’t at all strict with users’ age policy. It’s quite dangerous for young users with the young age of 13 to encounter pedophiles living at 30, 40, 50, or even more. More dangerous is if the account is fake or virtually modified to look younger.

However, apart from the issue of users’ age, the blind date feature is excellent to block the appearance in front of strangers and back off much earlier before it’s disclosed.

Also, unwanted users can be reported and blocked. But it’s quite unsure if reported profiles are later sent for a personal MeetMe review, grabbed with necessary actions, or dismissed.

How Can Users Filter Who Can Message Them On MeetMe?

Over the options in Settings, chat settings have got everything that one is looking for better adjustments. But filtering may depend on who and what kind of messages one is willing to get over and out.

Annoying users can be instantly blocked, prohibiting them from sending any additional texts.

For scams, it’s best to go forward with the exclamation mark (!). Pressing the spam option will eliminate all the existing messages, and then the profile will be sent for evaluation by the MeetMe Website team.

To fight back with any abuse, click on ‘report abuse’ that shall, by default, be notified to the team, and necessary action will be held against the guilty.

How To Block And Report Unwanted Users Or A Suspected Scammer?

The users are in much need of this feature more than ever. Theplatform is blissful and would count with best MeetMe reviews only if there existed no scams or unpleasant users. To keep up with the pace of smoothness, one can choose to block the opposite side. Blocking any user is comfortable. One needs to click on the ”block username” present over the person’s profile page.

Which Kind Of Information Isn’t Supposed To Be Posted In One’s Meetme Account?

The whole set up of the site is according to people who have signed up to meet new people. Regardless of who you are and what age you are in, the platform’s fundamental niche is to be remembered at all times to stay safe.

Frauds, the main reason for low MeetMe reviews, in this site are cloaking around anonymously at all times, and so trusting would be the stupidest to claim. The site, however, has left no idles with its enforced privacy policy. Although the conversations might be somewhat secure, sensible contents are advised not to be posted as the site takes no responsibility for any unwanted outrages. Even the scam, inappropriate contents, or anything supporting violations are taken down with strict orders.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On MeetMe?

Yes, the MeetMe website isfragrant with multiple scams. Scams are more obliged to arrive with fake accounts.

It’s more of a probe for the users to witness a virtual theft as the whole policy lacks scanning criminal background. That’s a significant drawback of the site.

There are several clones to MeetMe that pretend to be the original one and then extract out the account email and password details. Personal information stands at risk of leakages at this point. To avoid any such scams, thorough checking of the site before entering the account details must be remembered.

How Can Someone Contact The Site?

Here is the complete contact detail with which you can contact any cause or deliver a personal MeetMe review:

  • Company: The Meet group
  • Office Address: The Meet Group, Inc.; 100 Union Square Drive; New Hope, PA 18938, Attn: Legal Department
  • Phone: 215-862-7832
  • Email: support@themeetgroup.com
  • Web: www.themeetgroup.com
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Paragraphed here is the final thoughts of MeetMe review:

The site witnesses around 50k daily logins with around 100 M users across the globe. The user’s interface ranges from a blooming age of 13 to over 55.

As for now, the languages available are English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. The four available languages might be a plus point to attract more users.

Perhaps, the long MeetMe reviews are ending with a final thought, i.e., the site, overall, is a final hub for all love & friend searchers. There’s not a single negative outlook for same-sex lovers.

MeetMe, unlike other typical dating platforms, support gay and bisexual relationships.

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