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Mocospace Review: Membership, Costs And Special Features

Mocospace Review: Membership, Costs And Special Features
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Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 16 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Search bar - Every person has his preferences about the person he/she wants to date. Not every dating website or app gives the user the freedom to search people according to their preferences.
  • This website is not like other websites. You can search for people based on their sex, age, location, and sexual preference. The people working for Mocospace believe people should have the freedom to search for the person they want to date; hence they introduced this feature on the website and the mobile application.
  • This feature is handy for many users who want to search for people with a particular taste.
  • Chat - The user can choose whether to chat in private or in a group chat. This is beneficial for users who are worried about their privacy.
  • Video and voice calls - Texting is fun, but talking in person is much more beautiful, but of course, Mocospace can't do live events and such, so they introduced voice and video calls option. Video call quality is excellent when compared to other apps. This option allows talking to the ones a person is dating.
  • Messages - If you do not like virtually talking to a person, then no worries. This website has customizable messages. It can get challenging to express your emotion while texting, but it won't be a problem on this website.
  • You can send stickers and gifs and customizable messages to the person you are chatting with. The developers of this website regularly update their collection of stickers, making it easier for people to converse.
  • Many Mocospace reviews appreciate the wide variety of features this website offers for its free and premium users.
  • Fake profiles - It is easy to create fake profiles on this website. So, it would be best if you were careful with the person you are chatting with. You can't trust every person that acts sweet on this website.
  • Explicit content - Even though the support team continuously regulates and vets out explicit content, you can never be sure. People openly talk about sex, drugs, etc. This can be harmful if any child accidentally uses this website.
  • Bugs - If you use Mocospace mobile application, then you can find many bugs in it. If your mobile runs on the latest version of the software or the least latest version of the software, then it might not run as smoothly as you expected it to.
  • Getting blocked - If any user reports you or your activities on this app, you might be banned forever. The support team doesn't even conduct a proper investigation related to the reporting. You have to be careful about what you say on this website.

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Mocospace was founded almost 15 years ago in 2005. It was initially meant only for gamers. This website was a safe space for all gamers where they could converse about their favorite game. But as years went on, the developers wanted to go beyond gaming, and hence they upgraded the website to a dating website. Many dating sites offer many features, but this website does all that and much more. Mocospace reviews will give you more information about the site.

The beauty of this website is that you can not only find dates and partners, but you can also make new friends. This website has evolved from being a safe space for gamers to be a safe space for anyone who wants to date or make new friends. The website has many useful features available for the users for easy navigation and conversation with the people they meet on this website. The website is available on any mobile phone. So, if you are not comfortable using the website, you can download the Mocospace mobile application.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

This website looks and feels neat. The developers work around the clock to see how to increase the efficiency of the website. The website doesn’t feel laggy or slow. Although the website isn’t the fastest, you might have visited, and it is still good and usable. You won’t find it frustrating to use the website, unlike other dating sites.

All the sections and compartments are neatly spread out throughout the website’s homepage, so you won’t find any difficulty in finding the things you want to find. The messages section is on the top right-hand side of the website, so it can be easy for you to access and chat with users you met online.

The website might feel a bit outdated, but it is usable. There are chat room options through which you can join an already existing chat room or make your chat room. Making a chat is as simple as it can be. You don’t have to be an expert to create a chat room.

There’s a special section called games; when you enter this section, you can play games on this website. The most famous games are street wars and poker. But of course, there are other games too which you can play on this website. You can even talk about the games in your private chat rooms. These chat rooms won’t be publicly available to the people. Only you and the people in this chat room can access the chat room.

There are various forums and blogs, too, to ask questions and answer others’ questions. These forums are really helpful when you are stuck at one level in a game or even when you want to ask or know about your bad things. This is an instrumental section present on the Mocospace website. This feature isn’t available on many dating websites.

Registration on this website is pretty simple, so there are many fake profiles available on this website. For signing up for this website, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Choose your username.
  • Choose your password.
  • Enter your email id.
  • Enter your area code (For location-based searches)
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Choose your gender.

After following the steps as mentioned above, there’s a little box that you have to tick. Besides the box, there are a couple of lines asking whether or not you agree with the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website. After reading the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Mocospace, you can press the sign-up button.

That’s about it, and you are all set. As you can see, the process isn’t complicated. During the signing up process, the website asks only for your necessary information and nothing else. This information will then be used when others search for you based on their preferences like sex, sexual orientation, and location, etc.

If you want to search for a user, then you can use the search bar, which is present on the homepage of the Mocospace website. Using this search bar, you can search for people based on your preference of sex, age, sexual orientation, and location. This is a very useful feature for the people who want to date. You won’t get matches on this dating website; you have to search for people on your own using the advanced search feature available on the website.

For communication, there are unique chat rooms available on this website. In this chat room, you can chat with various people across the world. If you do not wish to chat in a room, you can privately message a particular user on Mocospace. You can even create your personal chat room consisting of only the people you know. This feature is very useful to people who are worried about their privacy. At no point does this website leak any information that is exchanged between two users in a private chat. But it would be best if you were careful about who you chat with on this website since it is easy to create fake profiles and trick people.

The website was launched 15 years ago, and since then, many users have joined and found people they wanted to date. As of now, Mocospace has both a website and mobile application running. The web version that is available on any computer or laptop is neat and clean. It doesn’t have any hiccups, and all the navigations and sections are clear.

The mobile version of the website might not run as smoothly when compared using it on a computer. So you might want to use the website on either the computer or as a mobile application. The mobile application was also launched a few years ago, and many users have downloaded the application and are still downloading it. The mobile application can be downloaded from either the Play Store or App Store.

The mobile application of Mocospace can run smoothly on IOS devices and android devices. The mobile application has all the features that the web version of this website has. The company didn’t cut any corners while creating a mobile application.

Similar Websites

Similar Websites

  • OkCupid – This is a dating app and a website that lets you find people to date. This website is open and welcome for any person who wants to find a person to date. The user can use many features to find new people. On this website, you can be matched with the people you want. You can set the settings based on your preferences. These preferences will be taken into account, and then the AI of the website will get your match. You can even chat with the people with whom you match. The description of the profiles is very detailed and easy to read. From the description itself, you can understand what kind of person the user is.
  • Badoo – This app and website is a dating site for people. The mobile application is much neater and cleaner than the website. The app uses your location to find matches. If you like the profile you are viewing, you can press the heart icon that will be given under the profile, and if you do not want the profile, you can press the cancel icon present beside the heart icon. Many Mocospace reviews suggest this app as an alternative to it. There’s an about me section on each profile for you to understand the person easily. You can message the person too by pressing the message icon on the profile.
  • Plenty of fish – This is also one of the popular dating sites used by many users worldwide. This website has many free features to help you get started with your dating. On this website, you can freely send and receive unlimited messages from the person you meet. You can view and sort your matches for free. You can even see who viewed your profile by going into their menu. You can also favorite your favorite profiles, and then later, you can find it in the menu present on the main page.
  • Fleed – many users use Fleed application worldwide to find the right person to date. This app has gained popularity in recent years since then, and it has been continuously impressing people with their features. Using this app, you can find singles and couples. You can even message the people you meet on this app, and if everything is alright, you can get on to dating. Fleed’s mobile application is more used than the website. The app’s friendly design and easy-to-navigate options give users a fun time using the application.
Special Features

Special Features

Mocospace has many useful features that enable users to find and chat with the right person. The following are the special and best features of this website:

  • Communication – Many apps offer to send and receive messages, but they all cost money. This website has no restrictions as such. You can send and receive messages as a free user, and you don’t have to be a part of the premium membership. This is very beneficial for the users who don’t want to pay for using this website.

  • Customization – You can send various stickers while chatting with other users, making the conversation even more exciting. These stickers can be used to express your feelings and emotions.

  • Chat room – Chat rooms are a special feature on this website. To use this feature, you need to sign-up to the website. This is a helpful feature for people who want to talk to multiple people. These chat rooms can be created by anyone who is a user of this website.
Costs And Prices

Costs And Prices

You can search for free on this website, no doubt, but there are also paid very useful features. In total, there are three main membership plans. The following are the paid membership:

  • Plan 1 – This is a one month plan that will cost you $7.99. This premium plan will last you for 30 days, and if you cancel before 30 days, your subscription will end.
  • Plan 2 – 3 months – $6.99/month. If you choose this plan, then in a total of three months, you will be paying $21.
  • Plan 3 – 6 months – $5.99/month. You will be paying a total of 18 dollars in six months if you choose this plan.

There are various games present on Mocospace too. These games can be played by buying gold from the website itself using real money. The following are the prices of gold that you can buy from the website:

  • 500 gold – $1.00
  • 1,250 gold – $9.99
  • 2,750 – $19.99
  • 5,075 – $34.99

You can buy gold based on the plans as mentioned above. It isn’t mandatory to buy gold. You should buy gold if you want to spend it on the games on the website. This Mocospace review will give you more information about the membership pacakages.

If you are a free user, then you can communicate with people without any extra money. You can use almost all of the features present on the website. Only when you play games on this website, you might have to spend money buying gold. Apart from it, a free user can do a lot of things on Mocospace review after signing up.

  • Who viewed your profile – Every person on the website has a curiosity in him/her about who visited and viewed their profile. By joining the premium membership, a user can see who viewed their profile. This feature isn’t as impactful as other features, but it sure is handy.
  • VIP tag – Paying for one of the premium plans can get your profile and photo tagged as VIP.
  • If you have any problem with the website and want to call the support team, the support team will prioritize other users. It can often be frustrating when you call a helpline, and they keep you waiting. With a premium membership, you will be the number 1 priority to the company.
  • Ads – Advertisements are usually played on the website to earn a bit of money from the companies, but this can be eradicated if The paid membership allows the following features to be unlocked by the users. Suppose you get one of the premium plans. There will be no ads if you pay for a premium plan.

There are a lot of features along with the features mentioned above on Mocospace.

How Do I Pay On Mocospace?

You can change the mode of payment for this website. There are two options through which you can on this website. The following are the two payment options:

  • Credit card/Debit Card
  • Paypal
    • Using the payment as mentioned above methods, you can pay for the gold or the membership plans that the website offers. Apart from those payment methods, there aren’t any methods.



      There’s no guarantee that all the people present on this website are legit or real. You need to be careful on your own when using the website and mobile applications. There might be people trying to trap people for money. As an adult, you should know who to trust and who not to trust on the internet.

      Reporting And Blocking Scammers On Mocospace

      There are options available on the website itself to block or report a particular person on the website. If you find it difficult to find it, you can call up the support team, report the user, or even email the support team.

      What Information Shouldn't I Post On My Mocospace Account?

      What Information Shouldn’t I Post On My Mocospace Account?

      The website will ask you for information like your age, sex, email id, etc. You can give all this information to the Mocospace website because it will later use it to match.

      Do Fake Profiles Exist In Mocospace?

      As there isn’t much verification done to make sure people are legit, there are fake and scam members on this platform. You have to be careful about whom you talk with on this website. The website isn’t responsible for any mistakes you make.

      Contact Information

      • Company: JNC Mobile
      • Address: 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA 02111, United States of America
      • Phone: 1-877-323-4815
      • Email ID: Support@mocospace.com
      • Conclusion


        Mocospace is not the ideal place to find the love of your life or your partner. Nonetheless, this is a good app to find friends and converse with them. The smooth website gives you overall good experience. The website also has a mobile application that can be used by anyone on any device. This is the perfect place to find friends and make chat rooms with them. The website and mobile application are welcome for anyone irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. Mocospace website doesn’t discriminate against people and always works harder to make their website and mobile application efficient. The paid features are very useful to the paid members. Free users can also converse with other users without any restriction or hidden payment. Overall the website and the mobile application are good places to find new friends but not new dates and partners. This Mocospace review will help you understand the site in better.

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