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OkCupid Review 2022: Membership, Price And Special Attributes

OkCupid Review 2022: Membership, Price And Special Attributes
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 025 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is highly efficient in matching prospective members based on their compatibility.
  • Core features on the OkCupid website may be accessed without having to pay any charges.
  • The website's mobile application can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store with ease.
  • The website is open to every known sexual orientation as well as gender.
  • To search for suitable matches on the website or send or receive messages from anyone, users need not have a paid membership.
  • Members on this platform who are surfing on a free membership shall not see other members who happen to like their profile.
  • The search tool on the OkCupid website may, at certain times, showcase before the user erring profiles, which might seem offensive in some cases.
  • Since it is mostly a free interface, members may find the user experience to have disruptive due to the various advertisements that might pop-up on the screen.
  • There is no option of having a video chat with a given member.

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Who are active in the quest for their perfect partner or soulmate, OkCupid is the place to head on to. With many users signing up daily on this website, it slowly but efficiently grows to encompass an even broader base. The website has spread to over 110 countries in various nooks and corners of the world. With a large chunk of potential members to match a given user’s preference, this website has now proudly.

Here is a detailed OkCupid Review, which will help you know the in and out of the website better.

Website Design And Usability Of The Website

 Website Design And Usability Of The Website

As can be found in various other OkCupid reviews, the website is designed by an efficient team, keeping in mind the website’s user-friendly aspect. Each of the profiles found on the website is extensively informative and highly detailed with authentic information.

To opt for getting straight and accurate matches that shall go with a given user’s tastes and preferences, it is highly advised to answer as many questions as possible. By doing this, users shall, after that, be able to unlock the personality traits, which shall, in turn, facilitate the refining of the matches. Furthermore, by doing so, members shall also make their OkCupid profile seem unique compared to others.

The initial personality test that users are required to answer doing the registration process helps determine compatibility between prospective users. This percentage can be found visible on each user’s profile. Furthermore, members shall be able to take note of which factors they both agree or disagree upon. At the extreme bottom section of every profile on this website, users shall find suggestions of other profiles similar to that.

By going through this OkCupid review, every viewer shall have a perfect idea of the various aspects that need to be taken into account before indulging in online dating. Every profile on this platform features the given member’s photo gallery at the topmost section of the page. It is thereafter followed up closely by a summary of the user’s profile, which the member provided as may be understood.

Though some of the pages might take some time to be completed loaded, surfing through the OkCupid website may still be considered hassle-free. Both the mobile version as well as the website itself works pretty well. Every section on the website is arrayed in a simple and organized manner to make accessibility easier.

The whole process of registering on the website is a pretty simple and hackle free procedure. After signing-up, all those new members need to fill in just a few necessary details, like name, location, email address, and date of birth. If any user wishes to skip this process, they may opt to register on the website with their Facebook account.

The whole process of registering on the website

Following this, users need to answer and complete a personality traits determination test. By doing this, users shall be able to refine the whole process of matchmaking. Users may also opt for importing their pictures from Facebook or Instagram also. The percentage of compatibility with a suggested match shall be displayed alongside the match suggested by OkCupid.

The website shall display a certain number of featured matches daily on the website. Users may also wish to search for prospective matches by using the search tool. This search tool may be filtered to display only those users who are currently online. Furthermore, the website shall keep a user’s last search options saved to search for users the next time.

The OkCupid website uses a unique matching system in searching for a compatible match. These matches are found based on the answers that a user shall give to their personality test. Even before being freely able to message any other fellow members, they may still send messages. However, that user shall only see the message, in case they like the given user back.

The website has extensively updated its messaging system to make it even better. It has helped in evenly lowering the amount of fraud or fake messages. It furthermore helps in wiping away inappropriate members from the OkCupid platform and, on the other hand, encourages the presence of decent users.

The website also has an equally user-friendly mobile application for all of its members, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store Apple App Store. The mobile version brings forth every feature that is available on the website.

The mobile application is a good option for all those members who need to access the OkCupid website on their way to work or anywhere else. Furthermore, users shall find that receiving notifications and remaining updated seems more comfortable than using the website by using the mobile application.

Every tab available on the website may be accessed with ease on the downward portion of the mobile app version. Users shall find that using the Double-Take feature is easier to work with on the mobile version than the website itself. Users may swipe left or right according to their wishes.

In case a member swipes right on any other member, and the compatibility percentage is found to be comparatively higher, then a window shall pop-up on the screen. This pop-up window shall seek to encourage users to send a message. However, OkCupid users who do not wish to send a message, may of course, not send any.

Alternative Options Available To You

Alternative Options Available To You

While this website is one of the most popular online dating websites on the internet today, it has quite a few apps or websites amongst the top competitors of this website. New members looking for a suitable online dating to find a perfect match are highly advised to go through the OkCupid reviews and look at reviews from other contemporaries.

Some of the top competitors of the website have been listed below:

  • Tinder:
  1. It provides very little profile information to make its users easy to surmise.
  2. Available in about 30 languages, with as many as 50 million active users worldwide, it is ahead of OkCupid with regards to their monthly usage.
  3. Users may log in to this website by using their Google or Facebook accounts.
  4. It features all of its users to opt for location-based search matches.
  5. The dating website has a very unique ‘Calendar integration,’ thereby making to easy to manage all the dates of their potential dates with ease.
  6. The live video chatting option is also one of essential features of this website that enhances its communication process.
  7. Has made the accessibility of the website even if a given member is offline.
  8. It has a highly enriching notification and real-time alert system that shall help all of its users in using the website effectively.
  9. The website has a highly equipped personal security system to help provide all of its users with a safe and secure environment.
  10. This website is available in over 190 countries compared to the availability of the OkCupid website, which is available in over 100 countries.
  11. Tinder is found to have a much faster sign-up process, in comparison to most of its contemporaries.
  12. Tinder is a pretty straightforward app to work with, has no games, and the matches are found based on their personal preferences.
  13. For people looking for serious relationships, Tinder can be a good option.
  14. Tinder has a beautiful user interface for members to work with compared to the functional and aesthetic layout of OkCupid.
  15. However, users opting for paid membership might find Tinder to be an expensive option.
  • Bumble:
  1. Significantly less amount of profile information is available on this platform.
  2. It has verified profiles available on the website.
  3. The unique option of keeping a backtrack on users who might have been accidentally left-swiped.
  4. On Bumble, only women users on this website can initiate the first move between potential matches.
  5. Every potential match that has been done on the profile shall expire after 24 hours if no form of conversation has been initiated.
  6. Women users may opt for keeping their names hidden initially, before starting a conversation.
  7. As compared to dating websites like Tinder, here, users may opt for not only finding a relationship but may also look for friends or jobs or may even opt for finding a job collaborative on the platform.
  8. As compared to the OkCupid website, Bumble is a bit more expensive when it comes to paid memberships.
  9. This website is only restricted to catering to traditional heterosexual relationships.
  10. The website facilitates the matchmaking process based on various behavioral features.
  11. The Bumble website has a swipe action feature.
  12. Users on the Bumble website may opt for the ‘Connect in real-time’ option and establish proper communication.
  13. Displays the age of all of its users on the profile itself, as compared to OkCupid.
  14. Even though many of its features are unique, the Bumble interface features many ads, which might seem to be disturbances to seamless surfing.
  15. The Bumble interface cannot be accessed on PCs, thereby limiting its availability considerably.
  • Hinge:
  1. It gives higher preference for its users to be a tad bit more serious about choosing their matches than just based on a few selfies.
  2. Unlike OkCupid, this website caters mainly to the people of the younger generations.
  3. It has quite recently launched a new feature that shall enable users to opt for privately confirming whether or not they wish to go for a date or not.
  4. Contacting other users on this platform is a feature that can be accessed free of charge.
  5. The number of fake profiles on this website is relatively less here.
  6. A comprehensive and straightforward procedure guides the process of signing-up on this platform.
  7. Every profile requires to verify their accounts by using their mobile number.
  8. Users may opt for choosing which of their profile information they wish to be showcased on the platform.
  9. Liking or commenting on any other member on this platform is a free feature.
  10. Users can only send messages to mutual matches.
  11. The hinge can only be accessed by using their mobile application.
  12. Hinge shall send all of its users a recommendation in every 24 hours.
  13. Every suggestion that the website gives is highly informative.
  14. Hinge hookups are not location-based.

Special Features Of The Website

The OkCupid website has in it all the basic and the most preliminary features essential in the proper functioning of an online dating website. Some of these features are unique and attractive and needs to be taken note of. These features are as follows:

  • Quickmatch: By opting for this feature, users shall be provided with a list of potential matches that shall go with their compatibility. This feature is an essential tool in enhancing the whole process of matchmaking, in preventing users from having to scroll through long lists tediously.
  • Double take: It is one of the critical features of OkCupid. According to this feature, users only need to swipe right or left based on whether they like or do not like someone.
  • Checking whom a user likes: This feature is available on the website has made it easy for users to go through users that they like on this platform. It is found on the ‘Likes Tab.’
  • Seeing who likes a given user: Furthermore, users may also opt for viewing which members on the website like them, also by scrolling through the ‘Likes Tab.’
  • Boost: This is essentially an add-on feature that helps in highlighting a user’s profile. Profiles that are boosted are more the profiles that appear more frequently on other user’s suggestions of Double Take and the search itself.
  • OkCupid Blog: The website also has its blog, which puts forth tips based on maximizing the platform to its level best. The website further features tips and tricks on dating and finding the perfect match.
  • Stacks: With many users from all over the world, members might find overburdened by a high number of matches. But they need not worry. Using the stack option, users may be able to categorize them according to ‘ Nearby, ‘ ‘ Online, ‘ ‘ Recommended efficiently, and the ‘Question Pros.’

Costs Of Subscribing The Website

Costs Of Subscribing The Website

The OkCupid website offers both paid and free membership options. The features of the free membership are:

  • Registration of account
  • Sending messages
  • Searching for matches
  • Keeping track of like
  • Basic search filters
  • Browsing through profiles
  • Doubletake feature

The features of the paid membership are as follows:

  • Seeing who likes a given user
  • Messaging the read receipts
  • Ad-free surfing
  • Advanced search tools
  • Daily boost
  • Prioritizing messages
  • Viewing public questions and answers
The features of the paid membership

The website offers two kinds of paid membership, as discussed below:

  • A-List basic subscription:
  1. 1-month at the rate of 7.95USD/month
  2. 3-months at the rate of 6.35USD/month
  3. 6-months at the rate of 3.95USD/month
  • A-List premium subscription:
  1. 1-month at the rate of 24.90USD/month
  2. 3-months at the rate of 22.90USD/month
  3. 6-months at the rate of 19.90USD/month

Users may also opt for boosting their profiles, with charges as below:

  • One credit at the rate of 1.99USD/credit
  • Five credits at the rate of 1.89USD/credit
  • Ten credits at the rate of 1.69USD/credit

Can You Alter The Payment Method For OkCupid?

Can You Alter The Payment Method For OkCupid?

The processing of paying on this website is simple and easy. Users may follow the steps below:

  • Users need to navigate through the website to the ‘account settings page.’
  • They after that, they need to click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  • Followed by clicking on the ‘add account’ option.
  • In the following screen, users require to fill-in their necessary payment details.

Users looking to update or remove their credit or debit card information may follow these steps:

  • Users need to open the ‘account settings page.’
  • She was followed by clicking on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  • By scrolling to the bottom, they shall find the ‘Payment details’ option.
  • They, after that, need to click on ‘update’ or ‘remove’ according to their needs.

Safety Analysis Of The Website

OkCupid provides excellent security to all of its users. Members on this platform may opt for interacting with other users in incognito mode. This anonymous form of communication system keeps the user’s profile details private and undisclosed.

By opting for a complete subscription, users may also opt for changing their usernames and keep their identity hidden. Users looking for more details about the website’s privacy policy may look at the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option on the website.

How Can You Filter Who Can Text You On OkCupid?

Users can opt for who can be eligible to send them a message by setting various preferences in the ‘Looking for’ option from the sidebar.

The website shall take note of the changes made and accordingly suggest matches. Furthermore, to be visible to a broader audience, members should add more details about themselves. To do this, users need to go their profile and then click on the ‘Complete Your Profile’ option.

How Can You Stop Or Report A Scammer On The Site?

How Can You Stop Or Report A Scammer On The Site?

Users may follow the following steps to block a suspected scammer on the OkCupid website:

  • They may click on the three dots at the top of the particular page or within the chat window and then select a block on the website.
  • On the app, users may click on the three dots at the top of the respective profile or the icon at the top right of a received message and then click on the block.
  • To report a particular profile, the steps are:
  • On Doubletake, click on ‘View profile.’
  • Followed by the three dots next to the message icon, followed ‘report.’


  • From Doubletake, tap on the profile.
  • Followed by the three dots and then ‘report.’

What Information You Should Not Post On Your OkCupid Account?

Users should go through the following part of the OkCupid review and note the details that they should not post on their account:

  • Financial details
  • Social security number
  • Address (Home/work)
  • Daily schedule details
  • Children’s details (in case of parents)

Does OkCupid Has Any Fake Or Scammers?

The website follows and maintains a strict guideline when it comes to dating on this website. It is a highly reputable and trustworthy website with many ever-growing users from all over the globe. It keeps a strict check on profiles and does not tolerate any form of abusive or unethical behavior.

It does not encourage any form of sexual harassment. It takes strict actions against such profiles. The creation of fake profiles may lead to banning from the OkCupid website.


Contact Details Of The Website

  • Company: Humor Rainbow, Inc.
  • Address: 129 W 29th Street Fl 10 New York, NY 10001-5105
  • Phone: (646) 216-8762
  • Email: support@okcupid.com


With all that being said, it may be concluded that the OkCupid website is perfect for all those people hating the idea of useless swiping apps and is also not immediately looking for something serious. It welcomes people of sexual orientations and gender and is the perfect online dating platform to indulge in!

So check out OkCupid today!

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