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OurTime.com Review 2022: Membership, Costs And Special Features

OurTime.com Review 2022: Membership, Costs And Special Features
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 60%
Popular Age 50-75
Profiles 900 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy setup - Many dating websites have a long registration process and signing up, but OurTime’s registration can just be done in a few minutes. It won’t take much of your time.
  • User database - The website has many users worldwide who actively use this website to find people. So, you can easily search for the right person on this website. But you, of course, have to use the search filters and such to find individuals on this website.
  • Matches - The website provides you with daily matches so you won’t have to search for users yourself. This feature saves time and doesn’t cost much on this website.
  • Easy to use - OurTime reviews have appreciated the interface and the user experience of this website. This website is easy to use for people over the age of 50, considering how advanced websites and their features are. You don't have to be a tech genius or a wiz to understand and efficiently use this website's features and options.
  • Profile - After your registration and sign up process; you will have to complete your profile to get matches every day. You will have to fill out personal information like your age, height, race, etc. But if you do not upload a picture of yours, then your profile will be invisible to other users. Users will not find you when they search if you have no profile picture. So, to get matches and be visible in the search results, you have to upload a picture on your OurTime profile.
  • Not much for free users - If you are a free user on this website, then you can't access useful tools present on this website. Although you can search for people at no extra cost, most features and tools will cost you some money. This can be done by choosing one of their subscription plans.
  • Customer support - The support team of any dating website should be one of the organization's strongest pillars. Still, many OutTime reviews have stated that the website has poor customer support compared to other dating websites.
  • Messages - As a free user, you can't message people. You could not send or receive messages if you didn't take one of the membership plans. The membership plans allow you to interact will other users by messaging on the website.

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In recent times the dating apps and websites are only dedicated to the young generation. Although there isn’t an age limit for signing up for such apps, it will be difficult for people over 50 to find a partner to date. OurTime was created for individuals who are above 50 years and want to find a partner.

On this website, users can find and interact with people. Users can find friends, dates, and even the people who are interested in long term relationships. There’s no end to who you can find on this website. The users and text, chat and even email other users on this website. The website provides daily matches for the users, so it will be easy to connect and interact with people.

OurTime reviews have praised the kind of niche this website caters to. There are very few websites that are solely dedicated to individuals over the age of 50. The website is owned by the famous company Match.com and was introduced to the public in 2011. Since then, it has seen a large number of users using this website. Many users use this platform to make friends, find dates, etc. The easy navigation tools and daily match features make the user’s life much easier while using this website.

The huge advantage of OurTime is that you will never run out of profiles. The website has a huge database of individuals searching for dates and long term relationships. You can search for people based on their ethnicity and the number of children they have. There are many more such filters available through which you can search for people on this website.

Website Design And Efficiency

Website Design And Efficiency

OurTime website looks and feels very neat. It doesn’t have any unnecessary stuff on the homepage. All the sections and options are mentioned throughout the website. People over the age of 50 won’t find any difficulty while navigating the website. On the homepage, you will find the following sections:

  • Home – On the top of the main page, you will see the home button with a home icon representing it. If you get lost on the website and want to return to the homepage, you can press this icon, and the website will automatically navigate you to the homepage.
  • Inbox – Right beside the home button, you will see an icon of mail. This is for all the messages that you receive and send. If you want to look at all the conversations you have had with other users, and you have to press this button. But you cannot access this feature if you are a free user. You must be a part of one of the membership plans to use this feature of messages.
  • Search – From the name itself, you can understand the use of this button. If you press this button, you can search for people based on your preference of sex, race, etc. This is a very useful feature as it accesses the complete database of OurTime. You can easily find people on OurTime website using this feature.
  • Matches – The website automatically gives you a few matches daily based on your preferences. Whatever matches you get, you can see them in this section of the homepage. You can either choose if you like the match or say you didn’t like it.
  • Tokens – This is the last section you will see on the top of this website’s main homepage. Tokens are used by users to buy virtual gifts for other users. You can see how many tokens you have got left when you enter this section.

The sections mentioned above are the main things you will see on the top of the homepage of OurTime. Now, on the website’s left-hand side, four parts are further divided into different sections. The following are the four parts and their sections:

  • Messages – This is the same section that you can find on top of the homepage. Pressing this will take you to all the conversations with users.
  • Gifts – You can see all the gifts that you have sent or have gotten when you enter this section.
  • Viewed me – You can see all the people who have viewed your profile. If you do not have a profile pic, no user can view your profile.
  • Fave’d me – People have favorite users on this website. Whoever favorite’s you can see here.
  • Flirted me – A flirt is like a like on OurTime. Users who flirted with you can be seen in this section.
  • Like my photo – People who have liked your photo will appear here.
  • Today’s Matches – The website matches you with people every day. Whoever matches you will be shown here.
Who You like
  • My flirts – All the people you have flirted with will be shown under this section.
  • My favorites – The profiles that you have fave’d appear here.
  • My Views – Whoever you have viewed will be shown here.
  • Photos you like – The photos that you like will be shown here.
  • Search profiles – You can search for profiles pressing this button also on OurTime.

On the left-hand side of the website, you will see your profile, and under it, you will see all the people currently online for chatting. In the center of the homepage, you will see all the matches and searches that you search for. This is the website’s basic look and feel, and as you can see, everything you want and need is mentioned on the website.

Now talking about the registration process, it is very simple and will not take up much of your time. The following are the steps that you need to follow to successfully register for the website and use its features to find dates, friends, etc.:

  • Gender selection- The website will give you a few options ranging from ‘I’m a man looking for a woman’ to ‘I am a woman looking for a man’ you can choose from the presented options.
  • Date of birth- You need to enter your legit date of birth.
  • City- Choose which city you live in.
  • Credentials- You need to enter your username, email, and your password. Other users will see whichever username you choose.

This is the basic process of signing up for OurTime. It would be best if you remembered that you have to update your profile after registering. When you update your profile with your details, you will easily get matches and be visible when others search for you. It would be best if you also remembered to upload a picture on your profile. If you do not upload a picture, then other users will not view you, meaning you will be invisible on this website.

After registering for the website, you can enter your username and password to log in to your account. After that, you can continue searching for dates and people. When you use the search icon to search for users, you can choose whichever filter you like. After searching, the results will be shown on the main page. Under each profile, you will see a message and a flirt icon. You can directly message the person or the profile you like by pressing the message icon, and if you press the flirt icon, then a flirt will automatically be sent to the user.

Since the website has a large user base, the company launched the mobile application a few years ago. OurTime is available on the Play Store and App Store. So, no matter which device you are using, you can download the app and date.

When you use the website on your laptop or the computer, the website looks neat and clean, considering how big the screen is, but if you are using the website on the mobile browser, it can look congested. If you had to choose between the mobile browser or the computer browser website, you have to go for the computer browser. But you needn’t worry. The mobile application is better than using the website on a browser. The mobile application has the same features and tools as the website version. You won’t find any difficulty in navigating in the mobile application.

Searching for profiles and communicating with users is very easy. The website is also smooth, and if you don’t find the website comfortable, you can download the official OurTime mobile application. It all comes down to your preference and comfort.

Similar Websites And Apps

Similar Websites And Apps

Meetic – This is one of the biggest platforms for online dating. On this website, you can find people who are interested in dating and long term relationships. The website has over 6 million users and may monthly active members. There are live events, messaging features, and many more options that compel you to use this website. With a paid membership, you can send unlimited messages to users without any restrictions. The website is not just for dating but a social app where you can meet and socialize with people.

Zoosk – You can meet and communicate with singles on this website. The website gives good competition to OurTime review. You can use the website’s many features to interact with people. Users are mostly legit, so you don’t have to worry about any scammers, but you have to be careful on your own because you never know what can happen on the internet.

Tinder – This is one of the most popular dating applications in the world. You will be presented with matches based on your location, and even if you want to go global, you can find people worldwide if you want to. There are many features like super like, boost, etc. that help users get better matches. Once you get matches, you can start conversations with the users, and if you want to block or report the user, you can do it. You can even call the support team if you have any problems with the application. OurTime mobile application might not be as smooth as tinders.

Special Features

Special Features

The website offers many useful features that can be very beneficial to users. The following are the special features of this website:

  • Boost – If you choose this option, you will be visible to users more times than normal. When users search for others, your profile will be one of the first to appear in the results.
  • Incognito – There’s a catch to looking at profiles on this website. Whosever profile you visit, they can see that you have viewed their profile. To bypass this, the developers have given an incognito option. This option will be available for 24 hrs, and in those 24 hrs, whichever profile you view, they will not be notified. This is a very useful feature for the users who don’t want others to know that they have viewed their profile.

The features mentioned above are the features that aren’t available on other dating websites. OurTime website also uses tokens so users can buy gifts ad such. These tokens can be bought using real money. Tokens can be used for the following things:

  • MatchMe – Using this option will put your profile on the top matches, and it will cost you 20 tokens.
  • Virtual gifts – You can send virtual gifts to other users if you have tokens.
  • PromoteMe – Choosing this option will put you on top search results.
  • NotifyMe – You will be notified if a specific user is online. This will last for seven days.
  • ConnectMe – Lets you speak to other users on the mobile without revealing your number.

As you can see, there are a lot of features that OurTime is offering. These features will cost users tokens and can be used by users to find dates or friends.

Costs And Prices

The website has 3 main membership plans for its users, and the following are those three plans that the users can subscribe to:

Duration Cost per month Costs total
One month 25 usd 25 usd
Three months 18 usd 54 usd
Six months 12 usd 72 usd

As you can see, the website offers flexible plans for its users. Users can choose any one of the plans as mentioned earlier and properly utilize the features of this website. If you pay $10, you will get 250 tokens, and using those tokens, and you can do many things on the OurTime website.

As a free user, you can only search for profiles. You cannot send or receive messages. So, there’s nothing much you can do as a free user.

Payment Methods On OurTime

You can pay to the website by the following methods:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Mail check


The website takes the necessary security measures to prevent any fraud from happening, but it is recommended for the users to read their privacy policy before registering.

Who Can Message Me On OurTime

People search for others using the search icon, and after finding someone they like, they can press the message icon and message the person, but of course, you can change who messages you in the account setting.

How To Block People On OurTime?

You can easily block any profile on this website; all you have to do is select the ‘Block this profile button ‘ under any user’s profile, and then you are set.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted On OurTime

Your banking details should never be posted on your profile or account. People will use it to steal money from your account.

Are There Fake Profiles And Scammers On OurTime

There mostly aren’t, but you can never be sure. You have to be careful with whom with chat and text.

  • Contact Information
  • Company: Match Group, Inc
  • Address: Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dllas, TX 72505
  • Phone: 833-223-8873
  • Email: Support@ourtime.com


OurTime is a clean, clutter-free website for people above 50 years who want to date and make friends. Users can use this platform to find people interested in dates, long-term relationships, etc. The website is also available on multiple app stores to download the mobile application and use it as it suits them. The website offers good premium plans to choose and use the website to its maximum potential. The search feature gives the users a good opportunity to find people with the preferences that they like. OurTime website also provides every user with daily matches. Users can converse with these daily matches if they like, and if they don’t, they can ignore and get on with searching people.

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