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Plenty Of Fish: An Overview

Plenty Of Fish: An Overview
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 980 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The most outstanding merit of this site is that it allows people to use a free membership. Many sites Have this feature for them, but what makes Plenty of fish different is that most of the site's features are accessible to the free members. Some of these features include profile creating, searching for other profiles, communicating, etc.
  • It is the largest online dating service provider and hence has the largest number of users, or in other words, they have Plenty of fish, allowing a lot of choices to every user. Every user has millions of other users falling into their particular preference types.
  • Almost all the online dating sites have searching options and searching filters related to it, but these services are not free in most cases. Here, the case is different. Free members have access to the search filters, just like the paid members, making it comfortable for them compared to the other dating sites.
  • The site asks for all the personal information of the user at the time of registration itself. Users can only start using the site after these required details have been provided. This makes the profiles quite detailed and makes it easy for the users to know more about their interest.
  • The site makes sure that it has no fake profiles. For this, they use two-factor authentication. Phone numbers of the users are connected with the profiles, and thus chances of fake profiles are comparatively less.
  • Users have options to have live video chats and blind dates via video calls, which is something unique to this site.
  • The users can broadcast live video streams to attract the interest of other users.
  • Users can choose the type of people who can contact them. They can set filters like age group, location, etc., for the people who can contact them. This is helpful because there is Plenty of fish on the site, and the chances of getting troubled by unwanted messages and interests are high.
  • Some of the features provided by the site are accessible only to the paid members. These include viewing whether other people are online or not, viewers of your profile, etc.
  • The site shows comparatively more adds. Adds are found in the menus, personal messages, and other areas too. The presence of adds makes the site a little clumsy and prevents the smooth usage of the site.
  • The site does not have a photo verification tool; thus, there are chances for people using photos of others to make a connection.
  • The site does not have options to showcase recorded videos. This feature is present in many modern online dating sites but not in Plenty of Fish. Plenty of fish review shows that the users are a bit disappointed by this.
  • The customer service email takes some time to get processed; this makes a lag in the registration process. Users cannot access the site immediately after they have signed in.

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The site was founded in 2003 and has helped many of its users find the perfect matches for them. “There is Plenty of fish in the sea” is a phrase all are familiar with. The site’s name has been inspired by this and suggests that the site has got plenty of users to choose from. It is the best place for those people who have gone through a breakup and want to try their luck in love once again. It is also suitable for those singles who have never been in love but are seriously thinking about being in one.

The site has more than 90 million registered users worldwide, and among this, almost 3.6 million people log in to the site daily. This means that like what the name of the site suggests, there is Plenty of fish there. More users mean more number of people to choose from and more chances of getting a suitable match. This itself is the key factor that attracts more and more people towards using the site. The site claims to have made over one million matches from the time it was established.

About 40% of the site’s total number of users are women, and the remaining 60% are men. This makes it clear that men use the site more than women, and they are also active members. As per survey results, the largest number of site users belong to the United States, and most of the site users belong to the age group of 25- 34. People on the site are there in search of serious relationships rather than just fun chats and flirting.

Plenty of fish reviews says that it is the perfect mix of dating sites and matchmaking services. Users can browse freely through the site and find people they are interested in and send them messages to show the interest. The site also offers matchmaking services; they bring up matches that fit perfectly into the users’ particular preferences, and the users can choose from them. The site also allows the users to ‘cross’ or ‘tick’ other people’s profiles to show whether they are interested or not.

Website Design

The site has free services as well as paid services. The free members have only limited access to the site’s features compared to the paid or upgraded members. The free members can change their account to a paid one anytime they want and start enjoying the privileges meant exclusively for them. Plenty of Fish review proves this to be true.

Website Design

Plenty of Fish website has a very user-friendly design. The design is so simple and clear that the users find no difficulty in navigating through the site. Every feature provided by the site is well labeled, and thus the users can find it the instant they want to use it. The overall outlook of the site is also pleasant and attractive. The different features provided by the site makes the process of matchmaking entertaining and fun.

The profiles are detailed, allowing the users to know more about the person they are interested in. The profile provides information like friends, hobbies, activities, likes, etc. Information about the user’s family status, parents, siblings, etc. are also present. Users can also upload their photos, which will be displayed on their profile for others to see. The site also allows its users to use catchphrases to attract other users to look at their profiles. They also allow the users to specify what they are looking for, whether it is a long term relationship or just a casual date.

Registering to the site is simple and easy. Anyone can sign in to the site for free and get access to the features provided. The signing in is followed by a detailed questionnaire that aims to find the user’s personality and details. The questionnaire is mandatory, and no one can get access to the site without completing it. It includes questions about gender, language, ambitions, properties owned, type of relationship needed, Education, desire about children, etc. The questionnaire tales are around 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and the user’s profile will be created based on these details accumulated.

Unlike other online dating sites

Unlike other online dating sites, this site does not allow the users to sign in with a Facebook account or any other social media sites. Once the profile gets created, it can then be linked with Facebook or Instagram profiles to upload profile pics; other than that, no linking is allowed. The site uses an anti-robot verification process to make sure that no spam or bots are working on the site.

Sending and receiving messages in Plenty of Fish is a free service, and everyone can get access to this irrespective of the type of membership they hold. In the Plenty of fish review, users testify that they are happy about this feature. Users can browse through the site, get into the profiles of other users, and know more about them, and if they are interested, send a message also. The message swill let the other user know about the interest, and they can reply if they are also interested in proceeding. If the users are busy and unable to search through others’ profiles, the site matches them. The matches are made based on compatibility between the two users, and they can decide whether to go forward.

One important feature that makes this site unique is that users can send voice messages to other users by using their phone’s microphone. This allows the users to hear each other’s voices, and this, in a way, also helps to identify fake profiles. Sending images via messaging is only allowed for females, and males are restricted from doing this; this prevents people from sending obscene content to females and thereby troubling them.

The site also takes special care to ensure that the users do not use any spam links, pornographic images, or abusive languages on the site. The messages are thus monitored, and if any such content is found, the profile will get blocked. Copy-paste messages are also banned on the site to prevent spams.

Similar Sites

Plenty of Fish website has an app version of their service to let the users use it on the go. The app has all the features provided on the site and also has a user-friendly design. The app is available on the windows store, App Store, and Google Store and is free to download. It has been rated 4 out of 5 by its users. There is a mobile website version of the site available for those people who are not interested in downloading the app. This allows users to access the site through their phones. To deactivate existing account users, you have to go for the desktop version because it is found only on that version.

Similar Sites

Being a well-known and trusted online dating service provider, the site has many competitors in the field. Passion.com, match.com, Tinder, etc. are famous alternatives or competitors to Plenty of Fish.

Passion.com is meant for those people searching for casual encounters with people who share equal interests and enthusiasm. The fast and easy signup process and the high-quality security system are its notable features.

Match.com, like Plenty of fish website, is meant for people looking for serious relationships. It also has a lengthy questionnaire to help the users reveal their interests and dislikes. This site is quite expensive as compared to other sites.

Tinder is one online dating site that provides a fun and entertaining social media type dating services. It also has free services and a large number of users to choose from.


The site offers plenty of features to help the users use the site with ease. Some of them are:

  • The site has a chemistry predictor; this is a test that can be undertaken by the users. It includes chemistry assessment, needs assessment, psychological assessment, sex test, etc., and helps users find the perfect match for them based on the test results. The questionnaire contains 30 to 100n questions, and the users have to arrange the answers according to their preference. This is something that the users love, according to Plenty of fish reviews.
  • The site shows the user’s matches that are the most compatible with them. This is based on the questionnaire conducted during the registration process.
  • The site allows users to find other users near them. The location of the users is used for this.

The site creates and shows a list of others’ profiles according to their closeness with the user.

Price Details
  • The site has a feature named ‘top prospects.’ This shows the list of users with whom the user has been in contact for the past 30 days.
  • The site allows the users to ‘tick’ or ‘cross’ other people’s profile pictures. This is similar to what is seen in Tinder. If both the users go for a ‘tick,’ then it is a match, and they can start chatting and take things forward.
  • The site uses computer algorithms to make the matches according to the users’ preferences and personality. No human beings are involved in this process, and this ensures complete privacy to the users and prevents their details from leaking.
  • Paid members can make their messages appear on the top of the receiver’s message box on the Plenty of fish website. They can make use of the feature called ‘priority message’ for this. If they turn on the ‘priority message’ option while sending a message to another user, that message will appear on the receiver’s chatbox’s topmost part.
  • Users can highlight their profiles so that other users can see them.
  • The site provides tokens that can be bought and used to send priority messages, highlight profiles, etc. The tokens have an expiry of six months.

Price Details

The site provides only one type of paid membership to its users, and its rate is average compared to that of other dating sites. The paid membership costs:

  • 38.70 USD for two months
  • 51.00 USD for four months
  • 81.40 USD for eight months

The payment can be made through Credit Cards, PayPal, or through Mobile phones.

Free members have access to services like creating profiles, sending and receiving messages, seeing nearby people, getting matches, adding people to favorite lists, seeing people online, sending a voice message, downloading apps, taking compatibility tests, etc.

Paid members can be the first on the message box of others. View an extended version of other’s profiles, get rid of adds, know if the other user has viewed their message or not, see who viewed their profile, stand out in search results, etc., along with having access to all the features available for the free members.

Can You Change The Payment Method For Plenty Of Fish?

Can You Change The Payment Method For Plenty Of Fish?

Plenty of Fish will automatically continue a user’s subscription for the same period after the old one has ended. It will store the payment details for doing this. If some change needs to be made in the payment details, users can go to the Account page and do it.

Safety And Security

Plenty of Fish is very cautious about the privacy and safety of its users. They take different steps to ensure that the users’ privacy and safety needs are correctly met. The site does not use any human beings to make matches like some other dating sites do. This is to ensure that none of the details of the users gets leaked. Plenty of fish reviews show that this is one feature that its users like a lot.

Plenty of fish websites also use an anti-robot verification test during registration to ensure no spam or bot. The site monitors the message sent by its users and restricts sending any copy paste messages. This is also to prevent the attack of spams. It also takes special care to ensure that no obscene content or abusive content is used over the site. Only females are allowed to send images to prevent obscene content from getting circulated. The site will immediately block the account and prevent the profile from being used again.

How To Put The Filter On People Who Can Send Me Messages On Plenty Of Fish?

Plenty of Fish allows its users to put filters on the messages they receive. This helps users get rid of messages from the section of people they are not interested in. Users can go to the message settings and apply filters like age group, location, etc., on the people who want to send you messages.

How Can Someone Be Blocked Or Reported?

Open the conversation with the person you want to block. There will be three dots on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click on it. Click on the block option from the drop-down menu that appears, and the person will get blocked. They will not be able to send you messages anymore.

What Information Shouldn’t Be Posted On Plenty Of Fish?

Users should use any offensive or abusive language on the site. People should also not post any obscene images or try to send anything like that to other users. Anything like this being noted can result in the account being blocked forever. Spam messages are also strictly prohibited. All these can lead to the profile getting blocked.

Is There Fake Profiles On Plenty Of Fish?

Being an online dating service provider having Plenty of fish within, the chances of having fake profiles and scams are there, but the site takes maximum attention to reduce the number of fakes and scams. Anti-robot verification systems, message monitoring, etc., are some of the site’s methods against fakes and frauds. Plenty of fish review shows that the users are pleased about the security provided by the site.








Plenty of Fish is one of the greatest and largest online dating service providers available over the internet. They claim to have made a million relationships since 2003 when it was launched. Plenty of Fish reviews also prove the site to be trustworthy and worth spending the money on. The site is perfect for all those singles who are ready to try their luck in love.

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